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We are now on the last few days of 2019, guys, and boy, what a roller coaster ride it has been! Anyway, we decided to take this time to list our top five favorite celebrity bulges for the year, be it because of their bulging muscles or because of their dick prints that made waves in the social media this 2019. But please feel free to let us know in the comments section the male celebrities we missed to put in our list; also, tell us who your favorites are and whose bulge you wish to see in the future (why not). 

1.      Chris Hemsworth – the Australian actor gave us a glimpse of his hot, grueling workout that transformed him into the mighty Thor Odinson. In the brief video, a shirtless and sweaty Chris showed off his bulging muscles as he lifted weights and sprinted in an open field under the scorching sun.

And who would forget that time when he met a quokka? Hard to tell which one of them was more adorable.

2.      Shawn Mendes – the singer-songwriter was named as one of Calvin Klein’s new faces last May and snapshots of him in nothing but a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer briefs broke the internet. 

3.      Gus Kenworthy – Like Chris Hemsworth, Gus Kenworthy broke the internet twice this year. The first time was when he participated early this year in the AIDS/LifeCycle, an event where volunteers raise awareness as well as funds for HIV/AIDS and a great snapshot of him in a singlet was taken then.

Secondly, the Olympian was spotted in the Burning Man event wearing nothing but a scarf and a tight, gold spandex that made his dick print visible, thereby setting the social media on fire and leaving the netizens wanting for more (Please click on the photo shown below to find out what we are talking about).

4.      Jason Derulo – In case you missed our post, we talked about American singer, songwriter, dancer, and Cats star Jason Derulo’s anaconda here and the Instagram controversy that followed after he posted a shirtless photo of him on Instagram showing his impressive bulge.

5.      Sam Asghari – In case you are not in the know, Sam Asghari is Britney Spears’ model and fitness trainer boyfriend of two years. They were spotted vacationing last June in Miami Beach, having fun in the sun, swimming, walking in the sand, and just cozying up to each other. Naturally, photographs were taken for posterity but it’s this one particular photo shown below that made waves in the social media and with good reason.

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