News: Shawn Mendes Comes Out As Straight…Again

Image credit: Shawn Mendes Instagram (@shawnmendes)

Shawn Mendes has been the subject of so much speculation about his sexual orientation that he’s had to address it in a Rolling Stone profile late last year — coming out as straight can causing a divided reaction on Twitter.

Months later, Mendes is addressing the issue again in an interview with The Guardian, calling the rumors “hurtful.”

“I get mad when people assume things about me because I imagine the people who don’t have the support system I have and how that must affect them,” he says in the article. “That was why I was so angry, and you can see I still get riled up, because I don’t think people understand that when you come at me about something that’s stupid you hurt so many other people. They might not be speaking, but they’re listening.”

This is the third time Mendes has addressed his sexual orientation. He first addressed it in a 2017 Snapchat story, where he said: “First of all, I’m not gay. Second of all, it shouldn’t make a difference if I was or wasn’t.” In the Rolling Stone interview, Mendes voiced concern about how these rumors could affect actual LGBTQ people.

“You fucking guys are so lucky I’m not actually gay and terrified of coming out,” he said to the magazine. “That’s something that kills people. That’s how sensitive it is. Do you like the songs? Do you like me? Who cares if I’m gay?”

Mendes also admitted to having conflicting feelings about having to “prove” his straightness.

“Even though in my heart I know that it’s (being gay) not a bad thing,” he said. “There’s still a piece of me that thinks that. And I hate that side of me.”

How do you guys feel about Shawn Mendes having to continually declare his straightness to the public? Share your thought with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Mark

    It makes no difference if he is gay or straight, who cares! You either like him or you don’t. As for me…. I like him. Not largely because his music but for his attitude and his humor. I watch him on Jimmy Fallon and other shows and he is funny, handsome, and willing to play any game. I like him as a person. Who he loves or has sex with is not my business nor does it make change in my life. It has no bearing on how I would treat him if I met him or spent a day with him.

  2. Jeffrey

    The man has an excellent point. “Do you like the songs? Do you like me?”
    That applies to everyone. Being gay or straight isn’t who you are. It should not define you as a human being. What happens in your bed is not anyone’s business.

    What defines one is how they are outside of the bed. Are you kind? Do you respect others? Do your actions cause hate and discontent.

    If someones sexuality bothers you or is important to you. I respectfully suggest you check yourself.

    The fact that he has to declare his sexual orientation is extremely sad and offensive.

    • Rich

      Totally agree – espec. your last sentence! Seriously – why does he have to ‘answer’ to anyone about what is his personal privacy, no matter “what” he IS !!

  3. Nathan

    Forrest Gump got it right:

    “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”

    Read the ranting and raving…? Sounds like “Much Ado About Nothing.” If he were smart, and apparently, he isn’t; he would use the publicity wisely and keep everyone guessing… .

    He will disappear as he is and as he will be…as Andy Warhol set the record straight: “Everyone Wants Their 15 Minutes of Fame”; he has had over an hour.

    • Notgeneric

      You don’t sound too bright either. It always baffles me how the gay population for the most part seems to be concerned with people “coming out”, when we all need to go within before we can “come out”.
      Your journey is not the journey of the next man and you need to respect that…gay or not. You cannot demand respect without giving it first.

      The boy is 20 freakin years old. LET HIM LIVE. We are too sex-driven in areas where it is not necessary and wonder why all these kids still getting molested. We should have evolved as a species past these petty inquisitions knowing dam well we want our business to stay ours, unless you are of a reprobate mind.

      • Rich

        perfect reply! “Joe-Nathan” (above) has some ‘hinge’ about everyone needing “15 minutes” for some Fk’d up reason.

      • R-L-S


        I agree with you 100%!!
        It is sad how some (Ppl) in the LGBT community is towards one another… yet when we want/demand respect from the straight community it’s hypocrisy.

    • NoDrama

      Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. He is irrelevant. This story is irrelevant. But I’ll bet the people fueling these Rumors are themselves member of the gay community. I guess we somehow seek safety and security in assuming others are gay or outing those who would prefer to be in the closet. How unfortunate…

    • KC

      Nathan has it right and NotGeneric is the one that’s not too bright.

      If it doesn’t matter whether you’re gay or straight, then there’s no reason to protest being thought of as gay.

      Some of these comments just drip with internalized homophobia.

  4. chris

    come on shawn party is over get your shoes and handbag (make sure they match) and go to the door that has exit over it.

  5. DAn

    leave it alone… all have a need to a private life.. quit trying to read between the lines… acts like this will only give him more notarality and grace

  6. Rusty

    “Even though in my heart I know that it’s (being gay) not a bad thing,” he said. “There’s still a piece of me that thinks that. And I hate that side of me.”

    Those kind of thoughts and feelings quoted above is prevalent the world over. Gay people faced those same feelings before complete acceptance of themselves. It’s getting better but more education to the public can hopefully get rid of those negative feelings.

  7. Hunter0500

    Jeez. Straight guys coming out as straight. Why do we need to know? If they’re Straight they should just be Straight. They were born that way. It’s ok.

  8. stephen jackson

    I kills me when people say its none of our business if you felt that way it wouldn’t be a topic of discussion for you. But we live in a world that requires someone tea to be spilled and if it ain’t Shawn it, someone else

  9. Matt

    Guy guys are utterly ridiculous sometimes and the incessant “Mendes is gay” chanting by gay is BULLYING. So knock it off.

  10. Eric

    Every young attractive male entertainer has to fight off the gay rumors. It’s really ridiculous. Just let people be who they are and if they ARE actually gay, they’ll determine the right time that other people should know their personal business.

    • Nathan


      Is not true that every good-looking guy is considered ‘gay’.

      However, in Mendes’ case…posing in underwear and in a kitchen, is asking for it. No normal straight male is going to deliberately pose in underwear, in a kitchen, and somehow, post it within the ‘Public Domain’?

      He is aware of what he did and he is, equally, aware of what he is doing. He is basking in the ‘publicity’ and knows that ‘stirring-the-pot’ sometimes works. When you are 20, the ‘General Public’ will give you the ‘benefit-of-the-doubt’.

      But, honestly, the boy is probably gay and is beginning the circuitious journey to ‘comming out’ when he career peaks and levels off.

      Does anyone remember “Justin Timberlake” and we know what happened to a certain member of “Wham”?

  11. Thomas Smith

    Well I sure as hell wish he was in my bed God Damn he is so fine and cute, even though I know that he is not gay, my god I would sell my soul for his body god he is just so cute cuter than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is my god he is fine young Shawn is but yeah who really cares about the whole sexual thing no one is judging here.

  12. elvis

    irrelevant banter, one’s choice of sexual partner is relevant, to who he is, its the same nonsense, of stereotyping, a person of color, by a preconception, making another human to fit your mold, why must the human species act this way? because, it is the only way, some can see humanity fit into a “box”.

  13. Rich

    I think the Fk’g LGBT community should stop stalking and harassing people – as if EVERYONE HAS TO BE GAY to be OK with these A—holes. Mendes cant say that, but I can – I think it’s constant harassment. Lets cut the BS and let people be who THEY want to be and not have to “fit” in some lame program” tunnel-visioned requisite of this community.

  14. James Carvalho

    Hey people, You all need to to address him as a human being. I would be proud to stand next to him as just a friend. Why are you all seeing him as a sex thing.?? What he does with who in his bed is none of our business unless he sees fit to make it so. I am gay but I do respect him for being human.

  15. David

    If he is straight-I hope people leave him alone.
    If he is gay-I hope he gets to be more comfortable with it.
    Do I care? No.
    He writes very good songs. He has a great voice. He can hold his own on the guitar. All three come together when he performs. That’s all that matters to me. Treat You Better is a great pop song. The guy is very talented.
    I hope he finds peace and has a long career.

  16. Jake

    Boring topic. Who cares? Besides, who is Shawn Mendes anyway? Until this article, I’ve never heard of him, so don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s any of their business what his orientation is.

  17. Ken94110

    He’s so cute & sweet. I only wish him to be gay, if he was my BF, otherwise, I’m really happy him, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and all the hot guys on Hallmark channel are str8!

  18. J P

    I really don’t care, but since he has the need to reaffirm his heterosexuality, maybe he could headline Boston’s future “straight Parade”

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