(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Bretman Rock’s Official Instagram Account)

Bretman Rock is Playboy magazine’s October 2021 digital issue’s Da Baddest Bunny

The 23-year-old Filipino-American beauty influencer broke the news to his fans through his Instagram account with pictures of him sporting a black corset, tights, a bow tie, in high heels, with the bunny ears to complete his outfit. The caption of his announcement post reads: “I’m a BUNNY duh!!” 

Although over 2.1 million people liked the post, Bretman was also inundated with homophobic and hate messages alike. Some of them were about how they cancelled their subscription to Playboy because men, and gay men at that, don’t belong on the cover of Playboy – that it was wrong, sickening, and ridiculous. Bretman was unfazed and he reacted by posting more pictures from the shoot instead.

Meanwhile, he was quoted as saying on Playboy’s official Instagram page: “For Playboy to have a male on the cover is a huge deal for the LGBT community, for my brown people community, and it’s all so surreal.”  

Bretman already worked with Playboy earlier this year and released an original limited-edition t-shirt for Pride Month celebration. According to Bretman, the proceeds of the products went to “@aplahealth in support of their mission to achieve health care equity among the LGBTQIA+ and other underserved communities especially those living with and affected by HIV.”

Bretman made history as the first openly gay man to ever grace the cover of Playboy magazine. 

He is not the first male to be on the cover per se, nor was he the first guy to don the bunny suit. He follows stars the likes of Steve Martin, Ezra Miller, and Paul Rudd. But he is reportedly “the first male star of Playboy’s golden legacy to wear the suit specifically for a cover.”

Playboy magazine said, “Although he isn’t the first male-identifying star to wear the suit, he’s in good company: Steve Martin, Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd, Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds, and Flip Wilson have all borrowed elements of the trademarked costume, some even going as far as to wear the full suit.”

Congratulations, Bretman Rock!

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