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How has your sex life been since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, guys? Has it been affected by the pandemic?

For many, the answer is yes, COVID-19 has brought our dating and sex lives to a standstill. Many people have not had sex for over a year now due to lockdowns, we observed social distancing, and we even stopped receiving guests in our homes because of the ongoing pandemic. 

According to a study, the pandemic, plus the subsequent lockdown, has impacted our sexual fantasies and solitary sexual behavior. The study found that there is an increase in sexual fantasizing, solitary masturbation, use of sex toys, as well as an increase in porn consumptions during lockdowns mainly due to “boredom, increased free time, and replacing partnered sex.” Read the study in full here.

How true is this study for you, guys? Did you find yourself fantasizing more these days? Would you say that your sexual fantasies have changed because of the emergence of the pandemic? If so, what is your current sexual bucket list and what in particular, do you wish to tick off once the pandemic is over? Do you have one?

Here are some of the most common sexual fantasies that—according to Adam4Adam users prior to the pandemic—they would definitely love to try but for some reason or other, they’ve never got to doing it: 

  • Buy and use sex toys
  • Try gang bang
  • Outdoor sex
  • Gang bang in a sling
  • Double penetration
  • Fisting
  • Prostate play
  • Glory hole
  • Being tied up and used
  • Threesome

Since the pandemic, some people have become inventive and have turned to virtual intimacies, have gotten to having cybersex, to name a few, instead of simply fantasizing. 

What about you, guys? Share with us your sex bucket list in the comments section below as well as your experiences and stories!

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