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Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions, guys? Do you bother making them every year? Why or why not? More importantly, do you stick to them?

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, what are your dating and sex resolutions for this year? Care to share it with us in the comments section below?

Do you perhaps have a sex bucket list? You know… a list of something sexual that you wish to do at least once in your life? Like role-playing, having a threesome, or why not try to use a sex toy or two alone or with your partner? Is there an item or two on your sex bucket list you’d like to tick off from that list this year? If so, what is it?

We scoured the Internet for other gay men’s dating and sex resolutions for 2023 and here are some of their thoughts on the matter:

“Get more muscular to reach my peak hotness,” one gay man stated. Another man shared, “To get my boyfriend to just sleep nude with me.” Further, he said, “He went from wearing a whole PJ set to just underwear and t-shirts. I feel it’s just a matter of time till we get to cuddle butt naked every night.”

The OP of the thread, on the other hand, shared, “I’m not that wild, but I’ll try getting the courage to visit a sauna/bathhouse this year…. I’ll definitely do it… ” While another guy said, “Bulk up and dress like a beefy Viking for Halloween this year.”

Meanwhile, one man is trying to muster the courage to ask out the guy he likes. “I’m gonna ask the cute guy at the part’s desk at work out on a date.” He added, “I need to become less slutty.” You can read the thread in full here.

But why is it important to have dating and sex resolutions, guys? I guess for me it’s important because it can help us get out of a sexual rut, it can spice up our sex life. And if we’re single, we can maybe finally find the right person for us if we equip ourselves with better dating habits, or at the very least, we can protect ourselves and the other party from getting hurt needlessly.  

Having said all that, what are your dating and sex resolutions for this year, guys? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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