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It’s as the title says guys, what’s your favorite thing about being gay? We’re bringing this up because some of the gay men on Reddit talked about, what for them, are the best things about being gay. 

Can you guess what their answers are? 

One particular guy revealed that for him it’s, “The freedom to be as masculine or feminine as I want at any given time without having to answer for it.”

Another guy, on the other hand, said, “Not ever worrying about an accidental pregnancy is up there.” While another one said, “Once you’ve come out, and you’ve been out for a while, you tend develop a ‘don’t give a shit attitude and a thick skin.’ It’s a pretty good trait to have.”  

Meanwhile, for this particular guy, the best thing for him is the sex. It’s the “possibility of fucking and being fucked at the same time” he said. 

There are also guys who are into romance, of course, like this one who shared that for him it is being “able to kiss and hold a guy’s hand and said that I love him.” 

We’ve noticed these answers as well: “Being gay I believe has led me to be a lot more open minded about many things, and be a lot more accepting to people.” And this one, “Being a role model for gaybies that are struggling with coming out and need to see positive gay couples walking around to give them courage.”

Can you relate to their answers, guys? What about you, what’s your favorite thing about being gay? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more discussions and photos/reels and contests!

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