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No doubt you’ve heard about terms like jock, otter, bear, cub, and so on and so forth. But what about gay wolves, guys? And exactly how popular are they within the gay community?

When I first heard about gay wolves, I actually thought they were talking about a gay werewolf movie so I was floored when I realized that it’s another label used to identify other men within the gay community. Specifically, the term is used to identify one’s body type as a gay man.

So, what does it mean to be a gay wolf?

Pride.com said: “Similar to an otter, a wolf has some hair and is in between a twink and a bear. However, there are some key differences between wolves and otters. Wolves typically have a lean, muscular build and are sexually aggressive.” Meanwhile, Attitude defined wolves as “typically older and masculine” with a “muscular/athletic build.” Lastly, according to Queerty, gay wolves are “defined by their chiseled bodies, unyielding masculinity, and ravenous sexuality.”

And if someone is referred to as silver or grey wolf, then they are “an older wolf.”

Supposedly, gay wolves are sexually aggressive. Moreover, Men’s Variety cited, and we quote, “slim waistline, flat abdominals (sometimes with a noticeable six-pack), well-sculpted biceps, triceps, and chest, noticeable back muscles, slender behind (sometimes with bubble butt features), and athletic legs” as their body traits apart from their body hair (be it facial hair, or hair on chest and torso). Speaking of body hair, gay wolves may also be smooth but “often by choice because of manscaping.” Read more about gay wolves here.

We scoured the internet for celebrity wolves and the following were named as an example: Joe Manganiello, Tyler Hoechlin, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Cheyenne Jackson.

Having said all that, are you a gay wolf lover? Share with us your celebrity (gay) wolf crushes in the comments section below!  

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