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Love always wins!

A married gay couple named Richie and Duane is going viral for recreating some photos of themselves that they’ve accumulated during the 42 years they’ve been together, especially those that were taken in the ‘80s. The aforementioned clip was posted on Instagram last June during Pride Month, but it continues to garner the attention of the netizens.

Why ever not, the photos ranged from cute to funny, sweet to unabashedly lovey-dovey not to mention the photos clearly showed how unapologetically queer they were. The caption of the post reads, “#gaypride is visibility & we’ve been visible for 42 years. Thank you all for tens of millions of views of this series. We still have lots of photos left to recreate!”

Cuteness overload, wouldn’t you agree?

The netizens not only noticed the love they have for each other then and now but also their sense of style and their hair. One user wrote, “Ok but like no one is going to talk about how fucking stylish you were in every freaking decade,” while another said, “You know how brave they had to be back then to be out in the open! I love this for them…. love wins every time.”

We couldn’t agree with you more.

Another netizen observed (and I’m sure many of you will share the same sentiment), “OMG, this is so CUTE! This is what people should be making movies on in the Queer community. Not tragedy and death because of toxic queer relationships.”

Meanwhile, someone said, “As a queer historian (sort of lol), it’s really nice to see gay people who survived the 80s and it’s nice to see gay people in long-term relationships. It’s also just really important for younger gens IMO and on top of it all, you two are adorable!!!”

And if I may add to all these, Richie and Duane had just shown us that contrary to popular belief, love (and romance) does last forever!

If you wish to view more of their other photos, you may check their Instagram account here and please don’t forget to follow Adam4Adam on Instagram for more hotties like Richie and Duane!

Happy viewing!

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