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So, you are finally meeting with the guy you’ve been talking to on Adam4Adam for ages. You go to his house because he invited you to hang out, but then he took one look at you and then he said, “Nope” and closed his door on you.

Has this ever happened to you, guys? Conversely, have you ever rejected a hook up? If so, how did you do it and why?

We’re bringing this up because a video on TikTok depicting the one described above is going viral. Netizens found the skit—created by comedian Aaron Goldenberg and his regular collaborator Jake Jonez—way too relatable, which clearly shows that although the video was obviously scripted, such is a typical scenario and is familiar to many. In fact, the clip has so far drawn 4.6 million views on TikTok alone as of this writing.


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Goldenberg and Jonez have made a series of POV videos together in which they play the role of “mean gays.” This particular video was titled, “POV: the Mean Gays invite you over to have some ‘fun.’” But fun it was not, for everyone involved that is. In the video, the duo was evidently disappointed the moment they laid their eyes on their hook up. Still, they opened the door, allowed him in, and offered him water, insisting he drink it because he looked “dehydrated.” After quizzing their guest as to when he took his profile photos, the couple promptly showed him the door while telling him, “You don’t have to text us.”

The post garnered thousands of comments. Some of the popular ones read, and we quote: “I can FEEL the judgment lol,” while another said, “‘A lot has happened in a week.’ I literally cackled!” There were also others who felt hurt on behalf of the guy who got rejected. “This is clearly a skit, but my feelings are SO hurt for him lmaoooo.”

Meanwhile, another said, “I know this is just acting but it’s pretty spot on. I feel deeply hurt! why are people so mean?”

Due to the overwhelming response, Goldenberg and Jonez posted another video of themselves reading the comments and responding to them while completely keeping in character. See below:


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♬ original sound – Aaron Goldenberg

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