American singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo had posted a photo of him on Instagram showcasing his toned arms, six-pack abs, and… anaconda (hey, it’s his own words, not mine). But you probably have not seen it because Instagram had taken down his post faster than you can say yes please! 

The photo shows the singer in a pair of black swim trunks that was so tight you could see his huge bulge. The controversial post reportedly didn’t come with a clever caption. Rather, Derulo merely typed, “Good Mornin'” although he later added, “Don’t lie.. did you Zoom?” 

Fans who had gotten wind of the photo wasted no time in expressing their appreciation for Derulo’s dick print. Some of them commented, “Daaaaaamn,” while another said, “Jesus santisimooooo.” One fan was bold enough to ask, “What animal are you hiding in your pants?” to which Derulo boldly answered, “anaconda.” 

Instagram had since then deleted Derulo’s photo due to violation of their community guidelines and Derulo responded by reposting it but this time, the singer covered his “anaconda” with a foot-long Subway sandwich. His post came with a caption that said, “Is this better?” 

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Is this better? 😂

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TMZ interviewed Derulo and asked him a rather frank question: “Instagram is saying they took it down because you were aroused. Were you aroused?” The singer took the question in stride and said that no, he wasn’t exactly aroused but he wasn’t shriveled up either. Derulo replied, “I might have had a semi. Not fully aroused, no way. An arousal looks different, you know what I’m saying? It’s a different vibe. When it’s fully aroused, it’s a different beast. It leans more to the front, you feeling me?” Watch TMZ‘s interview with Derulo:

TMZ had also previously reported that Derulo was offered $500,000 by a porn company so the latter could “share pics, videos and live streams” of Derulo in his underwear in the next six months. 

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