A lot of stories have been coming out about former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock since last year about him making out with other men, such as the one we posted about him being spotted making out with a guy at Coachella.

People have speculated about his sexual orientation since, and now Schock has put all those rumors to rest by publicly coming out as gay in an Instagram post last Thursday.

The nine-page post starts with Schock point-blank declaring he is gay, adding that those who know him and of him already know this. He also says he regrets “the time wasted in not having done so sooner.”

He then goes on to talk about his childhood in the Midwest. He says his family was “centered in a faith and its particular traditions.” However, the family’s move to Peoria, Illinois first made him aware of his attraction towards other men. But rather than confront that feeling, Schock immersed himself in trying to pursue a career in politics, starting with a position on the school board to being elected a Congressman at 27.

Schock says  he may have “sorted all this out in the right way” if he had not been accused of fraud while in office, eventually leading to his resignation. Without his political career, Schock decided to come out to his mother but was caught making out in Coachella before he could do so. His mother and his family did not take the news well.

He writes: “To characterize some of these conversations with my family in general,  it’s fair to say it has not been a case of instant acceptance and understanding. What I had to share was unwelcome news to every single person in my family, out of the blue in some cases, and was met with sadness, disappointment, and unsympathetic citations to Scripture.”

Schock also addressed his earlier support for a constitutional ban on gay marriage and the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He says his support was because he was running in a conservative district and also points out that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both held positions against marriage equality beforehand.

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