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News : Anti-Gay Politician Makes Out With Another Guy at Coachella

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Facebook)

Is it a case of mistaken identity? Whatever the case is, one’s thing for sure and it’s that what happens in Coachella doesn’t stay in Coachella. We are, of course, talking about this photo of a man snogging another guy at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that is currently making rounds on the internet prompting public outrage. But not for the reasons you think, mind you.

The man in question is allegedly former GOP Congressman Aaron Schock, 37 years old. He was Republican United States Representative for Illinois’ 18th congressional district from 2009 up until 2015 and, according to netizens, “was one of the most homophobic members of the congress.” 

The photo in question is just one among many others that surfaced on the internet. And while some had pointed out that the man was not Aaron Schock or that he did not look like Schock at all, multiple eye-witnesses confirmed that yes, Schock was at Coachella “partying with his gay friends.” Netizens are now calling him out for his consistent record of voting against gay rights, for “restricting the civil rights of the LGBT community” with some labelling him hypocrite. Aaron Schock, they say had, among others:

  • voted against the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” 
  • voted against adding ‘sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and disability’ to the federal hate crimes laws,
  • was anti-marriage equality who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. DOMA is a “federal law that denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages and authorizes states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages licensed in other states.” Read more about DOMA here.

Some of the netizens are asking, “Did Aaron Schock come out?” If he did not, it is not their intention they said, to out him, but they make “obvious exception of when they have made it their mission to make lives harder for people in the LGBTQ community.”

Aaron Schock, former Republican US Representative, was anti-marriage equality, considered himself “100% pro family,” and…

Posted by Justin Aron on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Here is what others on Facebook are saying and we quote:

  • So we are going to attack someone who attacks people for same sex relationships over their same sex relationship?… He’s the hypocrite? What the fuck twilight zone did this closet open into?”
  • He has been “out” for years by the look of his Instagram account – he’s born again lol
  • What hypocrisy? Just because he doesn’t subscribe to the Alphabet soup community? Fuck off
  • The guy in these pics looks different

Take a look at what the netizens are saying on Twitter:

What do you think guys? Is the man on the photos really Aaron Schock? And if so, what are your thoughts on the matter? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Lamar

    People, can have a change of heart you know. Look at some of these iconic professional athletes whom have become pro-gay; because they have gay sons, just like one of the (Rep) politicians here in So. Florida, whom also has a trans-son/daughter.

    At some point, you must own-up and stand in your own light of your own being, I mean, if it is him, he’s got some explaining to do. I don’ think it should become a distraction, though, from the main objectives, all truths eventually will come to be known anyway.

    Again, if that is him, and he is in fact gay, hypocrisy is never trustworthy.

  2. Hunter0500

    “was one of the most homophobic members of the congress.” He was there until 2015.

    Anti-gay sentiments were harsher then than now, four years later.

    Now we’ll have to see how much hate the straight haters can heap on him, or any guy who does make the change he appears to have made. Will “changers” ever be awarded their Gay Card and given a welcome to “the Community”? Or is the rule “Once a Gay Hater, Always Hated by Gays”?

  3. Hunter0500

    Ok, IF this is in fact the Congressman…
    And IF he has become a “Changer” (meaning formerly anti-gay in public but now “out” …

    Shouldn’t “the Community” jump on him (in a GOOD way)?

    After all, he knows “both sides of the coin’; he’s an “insider” for both camps; he has experience in Congress and given his tenure there knows how DC works.

    A smart* “Community” (militant LGTBQs) would say “OK, you screwed us in the past, but that was the past. What can we do for your future and what can you do for ours?”

    *but they won’t. They’ll be more content to pile on “hate” and shoot themselves long-term in the foot. They should press to get him in back in Congress in 2020 and 2022. And be behind him for POTUS in 2024!

    If they were smart, but (insert Atari Pong “Game Over” sound here).

  4. Mike

    Yes it’s interesting and tantalizing to think that the story is true. But it’s irresponsible of you guys to not include an actual photo of the actual real person. You make it easy for people to assume it’s true without really knowing so.

  5. Libertarian Queer

    I’d like to take this opportunity to point out a few things:

    First, it is as yet unconfirmed whether it was actually Schock at the event. Posting of others opinions regarding the veracity of the claim neither confirms nor disproves whether he was there or not.

    Second, SCOTUS has struck down DOMA with their ruling in Obergfell v. Hodges. I saw no reference to this in your post. I don’t understand why this dead horse keeps getting beaten but it does strike me as a complete waste of energy and time. Does the butt-hurt ever end?

    Third, you once chastized and threatened me with expulsion from this forum when I made a remark indicative of the color of a former president’s skin. I believe you called it “racist”. Here, in this very blog post, you have caused to be printed a Twitter remark by Violeta that is clearly racist and possibly sexist against “white men”. I have to wonder if any black, brown, red, yellow, or blue gays would overlook a guy’s previous actions “in the name of hooking up with a hot guy with abs”. As a gay white man, I’m offended by Violeta’s remarks, What do you have to say for yourself for promoting such garbage by publication?

    Fourth. Learning is a task we are all familiar with. However, institutional learning is something most people don’t give much thought to. Institutional learning is different than individual learning in that there is much more inertia involved with educating and changing institutions. The public perceptions, the government, and indeed the US military establishment are all institutions. It takes more time and effort to change many minds than it does to change one. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” happened 26 years ago. Now, 26 years later, homosexuals can openly serve in the US military. No, they can’t have sex with each other in the barracks no more than heterosexuals can without risking courts martial, but the CAN serve. Again, why is this dead horse still being beaten?

    I wish people would actually use their brains and think about what they say or do before they say or do it. Maybe it was Schock and maybe it wasn’t. If it was, that’s fine with me if he likes sex with guys even if he once was ashamed of it to the extent he overcompensated by taking positions against his own self interests. People do that sometimes; I’ve done it. I learned over time not to be ashamed of myself for what I am. Maybe Schock has, too. If it wasn’t him, this sort of erronious claim that it was him can only serve to harm the public image of the gay community by reinforcing the notion we’re all a bunch of cry baby drama queens. Remember that comment I made about institutional learning and inertia? It’s a real thing and it’s hard to overcome but in time the ball does eventually get rolling as is shown by the examples I’ve cited.

    Dave, you’re obviously a smart person. I’m sure you can come up with better things to blog about than gossip. I urge you to focus more closely on issues that confront the gay community at large rather than seeming to “stir the pot” over things that are long ago decided and done with. I also urge you to pay a little less heed to those who thrive on drama because those folks often use too much emotion and not enough logic to solve their problems. Then again, me not being a blog author, maybe I just don’t understand the business.

    • Hunter0500

      Thank you. Ok can’t say I’m 100% with you but if this was an election, I’d fill in your circle on my ballot.

  6. Jockn2cbt

    I really hate it when other gays mandate how another “truly evolved” homosexuals should think or behave. I have real issues with hate crimes, I believe every crime that causes one person to bring horrendous violence upon another person should have consequence based on the severity of the damage and the circumstances surrounding the event. I’m a believer in the death penalty, if someone comes up behind me and shoots me in the back of the head, either for my wallet or my political views, then the punishment should be the same. Now had I provoked or given reason for such an attack then there should be a judge to moderate that sentence. The problem is and always has been with the human nature of judges who use their biases is formulating unfair punishments and the most inequity occurs when the victims are sexually or racially different from the judge. That’s why victims should have the right to appeal stupidly biased sentencing to a superior panel, the same way the offender has right to an appeal. Judges should also be personally liable in their trial behaviors. People tend to think about things a whole lot harder when their own asses are on the chopping block. Making our offenses “special” in the eyes of the law only fuels more vitrol for the haters. Some guy running around masquarading as a female hitting on straight guys has little sympathy from me when they clean the guy’s clock. A judge should be given the choice of relatively minor assault of a punch to the face or ramp it up if said offender decides the affront warrants castration. Gay marriage, pretty much a joke, the number of times I get this “have to keep this on the downlow because I’m married” evokes images of a betrayed wife, two point three children, and the family’s golden retriever, not some guy shacked up with another guy who travels constantly for work and is equally unfaithful. Call it a domestic partnership, allow survuvor rights, yada, yada, but why piss off John Q. Public who many times is trapped in an increasingly loveless union, but sees it thru for the benefit of cohesion raising a stable family. And yes, childless straight marriages are equally ridiculous. I have zero affinity with pedophiles, put every last one of them in Greenland for life. Transgenders? These people have a lot more baggage than what’s hanging between their legs. I can’t even start to keep up with the supposed community to which I apparently belong, the LBGTVTGRSQ-ZXP Coalition. It adds to the joke of what we’ve become. It doesn’t play to middle America, all speech, all humor has become an Orwellian mine field of which people are sick to death. This is the reason for the success of the orange infected hemmorhoidal pus pocket that currently occupies the White House. People just won’t listen to it anymore. So if closeted politicians aren’t towing the PC line and making reasonable compromises (which is what is done in effective politics….one side doesn’t get to win all the marbles all the time) then maybe over time things will improve without the need to escalate to all out civil war.

    • PB

      So much ignorance in this comment. I believe that you mean well, and there’s some common sense wisdom tucked in here and there, but in your eagerness to oppose the extreme wing of gay rights advocates, you’ve failed to comprehend some pretty fundamental principles of equal protection under the law. I see more and more of this unintended consequence of extremism and it’s something to keep in mind. I’m no incrementalist, but there needs to be a practical element to advocacy.

  7. Randy

    So gay people are not equal? Apparently that’s what you are saying. They need special laws to protect them?
    And this guy was against special laws. Sounds like he thinks gay people are equal. Silly boy!!

  8. glenn

    well your darling clintons started doma and dont ask dont tell and never believed in marriage equality until we were useful as pawn voters for crooked hillary

  9. Matt

    So if you’re gay, it’s OK to bully someone who someone else labels as anti-gay? This story is 100% to incite bullying, drama, hysteria, and fucks given about something for no reason.

    Let’s imagine that this guy was homophobic in the past, but is now embracing gayness. Rather than this pissy drama queen snappity snap snap response, there should be welcoming and forgiveness.

    The are a LOT of homophobic gay men in the closet.

  10. Father Hennepin

    Well, even a gay man could not believe in marriage equality or military service. We’re not all the same. He’s obviously not planning to run for office again. Everyone is progressing in their own process, etc. But having sex in public? Get a room!

  11. Paul2

    I am not surprised. Hyprocrisy seems to be the general rule for too many American politicians. My problem/concern is that voters either don’t acknowledge it or don’t care. America has lost its status a world leader. So sad and getting sadder with each passing day…

  12. ShySteven

    Even if it is him, so what? Everyone has their own opinion on every issue, and what they think is right for the country as a whole. I’m sure most guys viewing this post disagree with most of my views. I am gay, but lean more conservative on political issues, especially economical. Also, a few years ago, I did not think it necessary to push for gay marriage, and I very much did not like the “in your face” tactics being used by some. And by the way, if you disagree with me, that does not make my speech, “hate speech”.

    • isoltrjock

      Well said. I am a Christian first, a constitutional conservative second, and a gay man third. Over the years, “red hens” in the “gay community” have called me “stupid, crazy, racist, homophobic, and self-loathing.” It’s ironic how some members of an “oppressed minority” eagerly make gay conservatives/Christians an “oppressed minority” within a minority. I am happy to support my gay conservative brothers and have no interest in pagan-Statist gays or straights.

  13. Steve

    I know for a fact that Aaron Schock is gay and has been for years. It finally caught up with him and he is one of the biggest bigots around.

  14. Dandy

    Conservative Republican Christians are still sinners as we all are… There is none perfect lest anyone cast the first stone.

  15. Jason Cape Cod

    I love it. Isn’t it true that the biggest anti-LGBTQ people are just hiding in the closet? I’ve seen this a hundred times. I’m waiting for the hypocrite Mike Pence to come out of the closet.

  16. Ranttrap

    Shock’s daddy says: He’s “a little different”, due to the fact that he “wears stylish clothing and yet he’s not gay … and he’s not married and he’s not running around with women…”
    Then again, I actually do recall his crazy lavish spending of campaign funding, for private flights, office, cars, super bowl tickets, and parties! He avoided the ethics review by resigning!
    Of course his voting record has been referred to as inhumane, overly conservative, and rigidly homophobic (look it up), so pretty sure his friends might not BE gay, and it is Shock’s right to run around shirtless and stick his hand down guy’s pants, none of which PROVES he is gay or a self-loathing slime … “a little different” . . . ummm, . . . . don’t hold your breath daddy.
    Great name. Proof positive that HERE IN THE BLOG during all this social negotiations I read from so many: “you don’t HAVE to come out as GAY” has led to a generation that feels it is okay to live closeted, vote anti-Gay, AND live it up. Congratulations on the BEST of BOTH Worlds mentality; politicians like Shock are what we get when we accept and give the bare minimum to the communities to which we belong.

  17. isoltrjock

    As a conservative gay man, I find conservative gay men attractive. I won’t goose-step for the militant gay agenda or the radicalized Democrat party. As an honorably discharged veteran I do not support openly gay behavior in the military, nor any of the other social experiments which Democrats love to inflict on the military, without regard for the effect on the warrior culture. As a Bible-believing Christian, I think same-gender “marriage” is a goofy travesty. I predicted that gay men would trash “marriage” with their “open marriages.” Such b.s. I do not support little unelected hacks in stinking black robes deciding what’s best for us. In case I haven’t offended conformity-demanding masterminds, Trump 2020.

  18. LEO

    Personally I’ve never heard of Aaron Schock until reading this blog. I haven’t researched his voting record while in Congress, but I’ll be the better man and let it go. Just as I let it go for Obama, Hillary, Schumner, Pelosi etc etc etc, and the dozens more from both sides of the aisle, whom have changed their political views and now support Gay Marriages, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Families & Friends moved the needle supporting their children who came out, which made its way to DC. Let’s not forget it wasn’t our elected officials voting on Gay Marriage… Kudos to the Supreme Court, making it the Law Of The Land.

    When my Democratic Party embraced INFANTICIDE giving the Mom and Doctor the right to terminate the child’s life during childbirth, also after out of the mothers womb I could no longer support the Democratic Party Where I come from, that’s murder.

    If the innocent child, were an animal and killed in the same scenario, those persons ( Doctor & Mother) would both be doing time, in the ” BIG HOUSE”, And the physician would loose his/her license to practice Veterinary Medicine.

      • isoltrjock

        Roe v. Wade was decided by a court which should have been “conservative.”

        It is not, however, a “conservative” decision.

        It is not “conservative” to inflict such a stupid decision on the nation.

        It is not “conservative” to invent a spurious “right” to abortion based on a “right” to “privacy” which does not even exist in the Constitution. This is rank “liberal” judicial activism and a despicable “liberal” power grab.

        It is not “conservative” to trash the explicit federalism of the Constitution, by, in effect, stripping the 50 states of their power to regulate abortion. Under the Constitution the powers of the federal government are enumerated and limited. Everything else, like prostitution for example, is to be determined by the states.

        This was one of the dumbest decisions ever. Several so-called conservatives were swayed by bad sophistry, e.g., about “viability.” The written decision by Blackmun is deservedly ridiculed.

        The holocaust resulting from this decision, an estimated 60 million innocent lives, was never intended by the predominantly Christian Founding Fathers.

        The Democratics treat abortion as a satanic “sacrament.” They will try to destroy the life of any eminently qualified judge, e.g., Kavanaugh, in order to protect their “sacrament.”

        The “Democratics” now contest Supreme Court appointments almost as like the presidency itself. It’s sick and surreal.

        Where are those 60 million corpses? They should have maximum visibility. They represent America’s holocaust.

  19. LEO

    Personally I’ve never heard of Aaron Schock until reading this blog. I haven’t researched his voting record while in Congress, but I’ll be the better man and let it go. Just as I let it go for Obama, Hillary, Schumner, Pelosi etc etc etc, and the dozens more from both sides of the aisle, whom have changed their political views and now support Gay Marriages, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Families & Friends moved the needle supporting their children who came out, which made its way to DC. Let’s not forget it wasn’t our elected officials voting on Gay Marriage… Kudos to the Supreme Court, making it the Law Of The Land.

    When my Democratic Party embraced INFANTICIDE giving the Mom and Doctor the right to terminate the child’s life during childbirth, also after out of the mothers womb I could no longer support the Democratic Party Where I come from, that’s murder.

    If the innocent child, were an animal and killed in the same scenario, those persons ( Doctor ) would be doing time, in the ” BIG HOUSE”, And the physician would loose his/her license to practice Veterinary Medicine.

  20. Dave

    I personally couldn’t care less. What this guy does or doesn’t do has no effect on me whatsoever. The gay community bitches about anything and everything. I’m getting tired of being a part of a community that does nothing but cry about what everyone else is thinking. Live how you want to live and STFU!

  21. Darryl

    We know who Arron Schock is even when he didn’t know himself. Now that he’s out of Washington he thinks he can be forgiven for voting against us. There isn’t a trash can big enough for his ass, good looking or not. I won’t judge him on a personal level, but on a political one he get’s an FU. At this point he has a lot of making up to do, if we will give him a pass on this or not, time will tell. But look dude never think you can hide in plain sight, and we forgot how you performed in Congress.

  22. lloyd

    Honestly, I am doing what everyone else has the right to say. I do not care about having support or counter comments. I am one person, one opinion. How many times have we seen this, “Thou protest too much,” clause. Yes he voted against us, Yes he hangs out with beautiful men. We, (gays) promote, peace, acceptance, love. We also need to forgive, and embrace. The past we cannot change. His advisory committee probably is to blame. He did not come into office as a Gay Politician, I can see advisors advising him, how to vote. He was behind the 8 ball from day one. Let’s move forward. If he was at the festival and if he was the guy making out with another guy. AWESOME.

  23. Ahmet

    Unfortunate I don’t trust what a lot of gay people say.
    I need to see his views explicitly before I believe a single written word of any disinformation source. As a gay conservative people tell me all the time how confused and backwards I am….and that’s just when objecting to open relationships and using PrEP as an excuse to have tons of unprotected sex and then wondering why STD’s are becoming non-treatable.

    So yeah….I’ll bet this aricle and all sorts of people commenting are just talking out of their ass
    “he voted against us!”
    Like the only damn thing to life is how gay someone is. FFS.

    • Harvey

      Agreed. The idea that it’s a gay duty to spread disease (rimming as a ‘safe’ practice is classic) and that all taxpayers are supposed to pay for someone’s ‘right’ to avoid a condom and used hard drugs is bullshit, along with the screaming to the world that one is Out and somehow that means something more that being a narcissist. Reminds me of Born-Again whatevers that are now more gay than those who have been so forever. Get a job, pay bills and just be oneself. It’s not about looking for excuses to have others subsidize an addict’s lifestyle

  24. NoMoFoMe

    After reading the comments here, I can see why the gay community is so screwed these days. Glad I had my times in the pre-pandemic era.

  25. Ben

    The Washington post did a piece on Schock’s lavish “Downton Abbey style” office decor which he had (supposedly) funded himself. I remember thinking at the time “Gay, gay, gay!”

  26. Hunter0500

    A Google of his name just now shows that virtually none of the major media outlets have jumped on this “news”. That is pretty revealing. “He’s now gay. So what?”

    Or is it that the outlets have determined the guy pictured is not him?

    This discussion is another example of the Politcally-based Hate that many people are gripped by, are suffering from, and whose thinking becomes stifled by. If the man had been anything other than a GOP member, it would not be “news” here.

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