Music: Madonna Releases Sultry New Song “Medellín” ft. Maluma

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Madonna’s Instagram Account)

Madonna has released Medellín, the first single of her upcoming 14th studio album called Madame X due for release this June 14, 2019. 

Medellín is a dance-pop song inflected with lively reggaetón that is the trademark of her collaborator’s—Maluma’s—songs. On Medellín, listeners are treated to the duo’s sultry vocals as they flirted with each other in Spanglish. Critics are calling the song sultry (we agree!) and promising (Variety), sexy and stylish middle ground (between campy bangers and more mature balladry, says Pitchfork), while according to The Guardian, Medellín is “quite unlike anything we’ve heard from the singer before.” They have one criticism in common though and it’s that they didn’t like how Colombia had been stereotyped particularly in this part of the song: “We built a cartel just for love.”

Medellín (pronounced as “Meh-deh-zheen”), by the way, is the 25-year-old singer songwriter Maluma’s hometown in Colombia. The two reportedly first met backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and from there, their song Medellín, came to fruition. Of Maluma, Madonna said, “He’s so great to work with. One of the most easygoing, open, warm, generous – doesn’t leave the studio until the work is done. Has great work ethic. I adore him. Nothing but great things to say about him.”

An emotional Maluma could be seen in a short video clip posted on Instagram as he listened to the song after its release. The post was captioned, “Impossible to contain my tears and emotions after hearing this.” He added, “You don’t know the happiness and what this represents in my life. It’s good to dream… I told you!”

Fans can buy/stream Medellín and pre-order Madame X here!

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  1. Chief Meow-Meow

    Madonna is turning into Mae West, completely deluded about her age. I am shocked. She should have become more like Marlene Dietrich, provided an illusion. Instead she is parody.

  2. anonimatovato

    It’s starting to grow on me and it’s about time Madonna made a collab with a popular latin singer. Madonna really seems to love latino culture since La Isla Bonita.

  3. Hunter0500

    This is great if your music interests are all about the music genre Madonna is in. For most, probably not so much.

  4. JohnnyBoy

    I don’t like it.

    Confessions on a Dancefloor was her last relevant album. Nothing she has released since then has been any good and that’s an incredible stretch of nearly 15 years.

    She either needs to go back to making dance music or just quit.

  5. Patryk Strait

    so many hateful queens – with far too much down time on their hands,,, The song is mesmerizing. Stop being such ageists…

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