Céline Dion’s fans shed collective tears after watching the Canadian singer’s new music video for “Courage,” a song from her new album of the same name. Towards the end of the emotional ballad, Céline can be seen crying as she sings the following lines: 

“Courage, don’t you dare fail me now/’Cause it’s not easy when you’re not with me/This world of madness goes faster now”

It’s no secret that Céline Dion lost her husband, René Angélil, on January 14, 2016 and then her brother, Daniel, just two days later so this is probably one of her most personal songs. Fans are describing it as “gorgeous yet so sad,” “incredible,” “beautiful,” “touching,” “full of raw emotion” among many others. Take a look at what they are saying about Courage on Twitter:

You know how much I love Céline but Courage itself spoke to me, so much so that it choked me up while watching her music video. I loved how it was shot in black and white, it was simple and yet beautiful and emotional, the lyrics just as heartbreaking. I personally loved the lines: 

“I still come home from a long day/So much to talk about, so much to say/I love to think that we’re still making plans” and, “You’re all I got to hold on to/So, courage, don’t you dare fail me now.”

Céline Dion’s Courage is relatable because we all have that someone in life that we had lost in one way or the other, never to be seen or heard from again. And also because in this life we could all use a little courage from time to time. Anyway, what does courage mean to you and when was the last time did you have to summon up your courage for something?

Céline Dion’s Courage album is out today, November 15, 2019. Purchase it here

Happy viewing!

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