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Every once in a while we would stumble upon an online confession about how a gay man fell in love with his straight best friend and should he confess to him or not? 

Some said they did, against their better judgment, they admit, as their confession ended up backfiring although there were also quite a handful of people who were thankful they chose to confess. Others said they did not, opting to live in silence instead. Some of these confessions turned out well in the sense that their straight best friend took the news in stride. One guy said his straight best friend even slept with him though they don’t talk anymore now while another said his best friend was cool with the confession and even agreed to kiss him.  

But those whose confessions had probably gone wrong had cautioned gay men online to “stand back and assess your situation” because “it’s highly unlikely that he will reciprocate the feelings.” Another guy said, “Don’t risk a great friendship over something that you should’ve acted on years ago.” On the other hand, there was also one guy who said that he’d been there twice and got different results. The first one, he said, had resulted to rejection as they were not on the same page and because of this, they no longer speak to each other but his second confession turned out for the best. For this guy, confessing is the only way because “there is the possibility that things could go either way.” For him, we should “live for now.” He added, “If you don’t say anything, you’ll always wonder what the outcome could be. ‘What if’ is enough to drive a person crazy. Don’t do that to yourself.” 

I couldn’t agree more; for me, confessing is the only way but that’s just me. What about you, guys? Have you ever found yourself in love with your straight best friend? If so, what did you do? Did you confess to him or not? What advice would you give to gay men who are in love with their straight best friend? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below. 

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