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We’ve already heard this story many times before: how a gay man fell in love with their straight best friend

But what if it’s the other way around? What if a straight man fell in love with his gay best friend? Has this ever happened to you? Has a straight man ever fallen in love with you?

Or maybe you find “love” a strong word choice especially when the two guys haven’t known each other that long yet. So what about the word “like?” 

What if this straight guy, who you met through a dinner hosted by a common friend, is attracted to you and you’re attracted to him as well. Soon you guys became close friends but then this relationship quickly shifted to something closer: you became FWB thanks to one drunken night where one thing led to another.

Such is the story of this straight guy who confessed on askgaybros on Reddit

He is a 28-year-old man who identified as straight and that about three months ago, he started sleeping with his 30-year-old gay friend who he met a few months back. The original poster (OP) of the thread described his FWB as “openly gay and is also really good looking. Long black hair, tattoos, very fit, around 6 feet.”

Further, the man explained that he is aware that he is not straight. He clarified that he only said he’s straight because it was how he identified up until he met his gay friend. He added, “I’m not comfortable with that label or really any labels.”

And now, the man is faced with a dilemma, because he “quite like him and want to date but I don’t know my sexuality or if he likes me back.”

He explained:

Since then I’ve been thinking about my sexuality and I don’t quite understand it. I don’t want to say it’s just him because it mightn’t be, but I don’t feel comfortable with bi or pan labels. I do want to date him but I know he would be hesitant, he has dated closeted men before and I don’t know if he even likes me that way. I don’t consider myself closeted because I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’m not ashamed of him or anything like that.

Read the story in full here.

For their part, most Redditors encouraged the OP of the thread to “Ask him out, and then don’t deny you’re dating.” Said respondent shared that he likes to “think that there’s always that one person that makes you kind of say ‘fuck labels’ and he might be your one guy. If you have to describe yourself, ‘mostly straight’ might work.” He added, “Good luck.”

Another gay man advised, “I think I will ask him out. What is the worst that can happen?” While another guy told him, “Only ask him out if you’re willing to be with him openly. He deserves that.”

If you were the gay friend guys, will you date a once straight man? Perhaps this has already happened to you? In which case, what’s your story?

And lastly, what would you advise them to do—both the straight man and the gay man? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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