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Would you go on a date with a married or attached person? Why or why not? We’re talking about a real date, by the way, and not just having sex or hooking up for a night.

We are asking because we often encounter this question online. Sometimes, the dilemma is just about having one date, but there are others who are also asking whether or not they should have a long-term relationship with the married or attached guy. Like in this thread for example, where the original poster (OP) said, and we quote:

I got no issues with hook-ups, but I think it’s a different story when someone married as described above wants to start a committed, romantic relationship with me. I had a workmate last time who is married with two kids and he said he likes me and wants to be his bf but we need to keep it secret and live a private life ‘coz he can’t leave his wife and family. Is this love affair worth it or better stay away from such complications? Thank you for your time and thoughts. Cheers!

One of the readers answered, “No, wtf, I’m not trying to be a home wrecker.” His response was echoed by another, who said, “No. I hate the thought of being cheated on so I would never put myself in a position where I was involved in it.”

In addition, another guy said that it’s truly up to the person if he wants to be in the middle of someone’s marriage but that he also has to think about what he is doing to the married guy’s family. He added, “Think that if you are his secret, [then] there are probably other secrets. So it’s all your choice. I wouldn’t, based on what it could do to a family. I have also found that the advice I give is not 100% the greatest and is a matter of personal opinion. Good luck.”

Meanwhile, three guys did reply and advised OP to go and do it. One said that he had, in fact done it. The other explained that it’s because life is short which is why he should just go and have a relationship with the other guy while the other man’s answer was way longer. He said:

Yes, why not. I totally would. If we like each other and we would have to arrange something, like an open relationship or something. I mean, I know it’s not ideal at all, but when you’re in love, reasons are not enough to amaras away from the person you want to spend some time with… although I would probably have mixed feelings sometimes TBH. If you’re not in love, then stay away. For practical reasons, leaving feelings aside, if you know the situation beforehand. If you decide to embark in this type of relationship, you will need to be super coolheaded and be aware of all limitations. Just be realistic. I’d do it. That doesn’t mean you have to do it as well… especially knowing you have the option to avoid it.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? Would you go on a date with a married or attached person? Would you have a relationship with them? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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