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Hey, guys! An Adam4Adam member and blog reader wrote to us saying he wanted to know more about “same-sex dalliances” because he’s never heard of the word up until he read the story yesterday about Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor having a dalliance. Also, he wants to know how it is any different from bisexuality and ultimately he, of course, wants to hear your thoughts about “same-sex dalliances.” 

The aforementioned Brando-Pryor dalliance by the way was confirmed by Pryor’s widow. She said that Pryor—a multi-awarded American stand-up comedian and actor who passed away in 2005—was not ashamed of his “dalliance” with actor Marlon Brando and a transgender woman. There’s a documentary about him released recently titled, ‘I Am Richard Pryor.’ 

The Brando-Pryor story reignited the long-standing interest of our A4A reader regarding straight men sleeping with other men. He explained that his curiosity stemmed from his real-life observations wherein some of the straight guys he grew up with were players who had “lots of girls” and yet he would hear that “they had been with this specific gay guy.” He doesn’t “think they are bisexual at all” because he knows “they prefer women” but that now he’s got a word to describe it—dalliance.

That being said, dalliance is defined as “a sexual relationship that is not lasting or serious” and is mostly associated with the words “fun,” “flirting,” “casual,” and “brief.” 

As for bisexuality, well, there are a lot of definitions out there so we’ll settle for the shorter one that is from the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC), USA. According to BRC, they “use bisexual as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender.” 

Anyway, according to an article, researches and surveys back these definitions because respondents of multiple studies on straight men who had same-sex dalliances explained that for them their experiences were and we quote:

  • “often only a physical attraction when it comes to men.” That some of them aren’t “drawn toward male bodies as much as they are on female” 
  • others say “they’re only interested in penises”
  • one said he could “barely hug a man” but that he does have a “healthy sexual imagination and wonder about other things in the sexual realm” that he’s never done before so sometimes he gets “naughty and explore.”
  • “mostly out of sexual frustration but also experimenting.” 

Moreover, a research’s findings—wherein its 100 respondents where straight men seeking same-sex dalliances online—revealed that the respondents’ interest in men is “purely or mainly sexual, not romantic or emotional.” Which pretty much explains why it is called a dalliance, I think. But never mind me, what do you think? 

In addition, we’d love to hear from Adam4Adam readers who had dalliances with straight men. And also, we want to hear from our straight curious Adam4Adam members: why do you engage in same-sex dalliances and care to share with us your stories? 

Lastly, if you have blog post ideas that you’d like us to write about, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] about it. 

Happy weekend, everyone!  

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