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Watch This: Chris Hemsworth’s Booty Got The Fans Talking

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from 10 News First Perth’s Facebook Account)

So, there’s a video clip of Chris Hemsworth on Facebook posted by 10 News First Perth which they titled, “Thor meets a quokka.” If you’re wondering what a quokka is, it’s a marsupial found in the south west region of Western Australia, on the mainland, on Rottnest Island (near Perth) and on Bald Island (near Albany).

The aforementioned clip was cuteness overload. So much so that it sent fans into frenzy, inspiring them to post (mostly hilarious) comments like: 

  • bottoms up .. well done Chris you nailed the position ❤
  • He bottoms. So do I. We could get creative. Lunch is served. 
  • That back arch though
  • Oh my fugggin geeeezus, that arrrrrse
  • Who wouldn’t want to kiss him 👍😊that quokka knows a good thing when he sees it
  • That lucky bloody quokka!! 😂
  • he looks like he’s getting down and dirty hey
  • Hello!!! best plumbers crack ever!! Even if it is just shadow, can’t tell, I’ve watched it about 50 times trying to figure it out
  • Omg!! 😮😱🤗😥 / seriously – I’m trying to look at the animal but find my eyes elsewhere!? Wow!! 😊💪😱
  • Oh my heart 😍😍
  • I have so many words to say to this. And most of them are just me loving this man
  • I wish I had a better view of that (Don’t we all?)

Chris Hemsworth also posted a selfie with the lucky quokka on his Instagram:

Anyway, if you were to make up a story or write a caption for the video above, what would it be? Comment below!

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  1. bjjj

    Well, he’s a hot guy, but I see butt cracks like that all the time, out in public, at work, and anywhere someone squats or bends down. Some guys wear their pants so low that one can see half their ass as well.

  2. Lucky

    It would have been a better Vid if the critter had bit his nose.
    A. For being so foolish to feed a wild animal out of his own mouth.
    B. Then we could have seen that butt in motion hoping all over while hes trying to get the thing to let go of his nose.
    Just my singular opinion. However, I am pretty sure there are others out there thinking it as well.

  3. Hunter0500

    Can anyone believe the guy has a crack? Who’d ever imagined that?!

    As other posters have said, “maybe it’s time for some of us to grow up.”

    As far as a caption goes “yes, I’m gay-friendly. For sure, a little butt crack will make some of them piss their panties with delight.”

  4. BryBry

    Chris is a very confident, self deprecating guy with a sense of humor. It’s a pose done on purpose for a specific effect. Chris is very good at taking advantage of his looks, body, sense of humor…

    He knows how to promote himself and knows he hasa limited period of time before those fantastic looks and body gradually change.

    I think he’s great.

  5. Nathan

    Always reassuring to know that there are those boys whose only “Raison de Etre” is to be a hole for a boy’s pole.

    Either that is confirmation of the position he takes in the universe or his definitive Epithet?

    Always remember, men:

    A hole by any other name…can smell just as sweet; taste just as good and be just as tight. It is the booty…not the beauty!

    • Wesley

      Matt, I would imagine you are being sarcastic by this remark. Haha. If not, you must be the most miserable person on the planet.

      • Nathan


        Matt might be sarcastic; yet, he may also be right? Why? Because at the end of the day, what most viewers commented on was the magnificence of his ass…not his face.

        And, quite frankly, his ass is the most attractive asset…the one that stands out most readily…and his ass is quite a bit more attractive than his face?

        Therefore, both possibilities are legitimate.

  6. SoldierofLove

    Is it the face what makes us hot or is it the ass. Can the sum of our character be determined by what you see in a short video, accentuation of our body parts, or judgments given based on your own insecurities? You can tell a beautiful person by their loving kindness and truthful sincerity.

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