(Photo Credits: Screengrab from 10 News First Perth’s Facebook Account)

So, there’s a video clip of Chris Hemsworth on Facebook posted by 10 News First Perth which they titled, “Thor meets a quokka.” If you’re wondering what a quokka is, it’s a marsupial found in the south west region of Western Australia, on the mainland, on Rottnest Island (near Perth) and on Bald Island (near Albany).

The aforementioned clip was cuteness overload. So much so that it sent fans into frenzy, inspiring them to post (mostly hilarious) comments like: 

  • bottoms up .. well done Chris you nailed the position ❤
  • He bottoms. So do I. We could get creative. Lunch is served. 
  • That back arch though
  • Oh my fugggin geeeezus, that arrrrrse
  • Who wouldn’t want to kiss him 👍😊that quokka knows a good thing when he sees it
  • That lucky bloody quokka!! 😂
  • he looks like he’s getting down and dirty hey
  • Hello!!! best plumbers crack ever!! Even if it is just shadow, can’t tell, I’ve watched it about 50 times trying to figure it out
  • Omg!! 😮😱🤗😥 / seriously – I’m trying to look at the animal but find my eyes elsewhere!? Wow!! 😊💪😱
  • Oh my heart 😍😍
  • I have so many words to say to this. And most of them are just me loving this man
  • I wish I had a better view of that (Don’t we all?)

Chris Hemsworth also posted a selfie with the lucky quokka on his Instagram:

Anyway, if you were to make up a story or write a caption for the video above, what would it be? Comment below!

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