News: Out Politician Pete Buttigieg To Participate In Presidential Debate

Could America soon have an out gay president? That’s not a certainty just yet, but one thing that is for certain is that Pete Buttigieg will be the first out gay politician to take part in a presidential debate.

Buttigieg was able to achieve this after amassing 65,000 donors, the minimum number required to take part in the official Democratic debates. The South Bend, Indiana mayor made the announcement on Twitter, thanking his supporters at the same time.

A spokesman with the Pete for America Exploratory Committee spoke to a local Indiana ABC affiliate, saying “We are building a community that believes in this bold vision for the future, and there are tens of thousands of people (75,025 to be exact) around the country who invested because they believe a midwestern, millennial, war veteran, mayoral voice should be part of the conversation.”

While Buttiegieg is not a household name, he has been gaining traction especially after his impressive performance at a recent CNN Town Hall. One particular quote outlined his accomplishments, especially when compared to the current president and vice-president of the United States.

After the CNN Town Hall, Buttiegieg raised over $600,000 in 24 hours.

Aside from being a mayor, Buttigieg is also an Afghanistan war veteran, deployed there back in 2014. Buttigieg cam out to his constituents in 2015 through an essay published in the South Bend Tribune. And according to Times editor Anand Giridharadas, Buttigieg apparently also learned Norwegian so he could read books in its original language.

Are you guys excited about the possibility of Pete Buttigieg becoming America’s first gay president? What issues and advocacies do you want him to focus on? Tell us what you guys think in the comments section below.

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  1. roy delarosa

    it would be nice to have him as our next President, but I believe the majority of the votes would be for LGBT only. If he is able to put on a good fight, knowledgeable enough and kick off some of the rest of the group he might have a change. I for sure would love to have him in, and for him to be a vet, plus is open to work with every one in Washington, maybe we can have the America that we used to have before this non knowledgeable man we got now

  2. Stephen

    I am more concerned about his political views on Immigration, Terror, Economy, Drugs, Term Limits, Military capabilities than I am about whether or not he is gay or straight. So am I excited, NO. After I hear his platform, I may become excited.

  3. Mike

    If he isn’t corrupt like many other Dems, he should run as an independent. If he has something that sets him apart above the others he would have more of a chance as an independent.

  4. gtownbottom

    Buttigieg Is Who The GLBTQ Voters Should Be Supporting And Standing Behind 1000%, Noooo!, But Some Of You In This Community Would Rather Vote/ Support Conservatives, How Much Do You Care For The GLBTQ Community, Yourselves? When Will Some You Come To The Realization That The RED Side Absolutely Do Not Give 2 F**ks About You Whatsoever? But Some Of Y’all Continuously Time After Time Opening Pandora’s Box And Vote/Support And Stand Behind One’s That Rather You Not Exist. It Doesn’t Make Any Since For That Kind Of Ignorance To Spill Over In This Community. IS TRUMP/PENCE MAKING GLBTQ GREAT AGAIN? THANK ABOUT IT.

  5. Hunter0500

    In an article that is lengthy, as well as supportive, one of the major news outlets reported that LGTBQ+ organizations have yet to “throw in” for Buttigieg. It seems, then, that they are looking at the big picture. They’re not just jumping on a candidate because he’s gay, cute, hot, or has a last name that could be seen as tantalizing. They’re waiting to see how potential voters and other candidates respond to him. They’re looking to see where he stands on issues important to all voters, not just one demographic. Smart.

  6. Howie

    It doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is, it’s not relevant, what is important is ones ability to do a job, it’s just more divisive rhetoric

  7. JG

    Not happening….yet. This country can’t even elect its first female President. And we only elected the first Black President 11 yrs ago. America is one of the last holdouts for progress…

  8. Steve Trujillo

    Mayor Pete B is the ANTI-PENCE. He is a refreshing image for poor , fascist Indiana. why is it that this state gives us terrible GOP vice presidents ? Dan Quayle and Mike Pence.

    So, Indiana needs to decide: HOOSIER DADDY ?

  9. anonimatovato

    Here’s my take on him, judging from the video, he seems like a very likable guy and wish him all the good in the world. Yes he is very good looking I give you that lol! But he would really need to press issues that affects all Americans and not just the LBGTQ. In this day in age, being ‘nice’ isn’t good enough, as people prefer controversial brash trash talking president as we have here today….

    Sadly, this country has gotten a 360 turn, became more conservative for some reason, and I don’t think we’re really there yet to have an open gay president. We can’t even get a woman running for office, so yes, from that social view point, we’re super behind. Straight homophobic church going Conservatives will find ways to kick him out before he even gets nominated! I can’t understand gay republicans, that party does nothing for us lol! It was Obama and supreme court that made same sex marriage legal.

    • Hunter0500

      “…a 360 turn, became more conservative.” Last we knew, 360 degrees is a full circle. No change

      Thinking you mean 180 degrees. Yes, the US did take a turn. That turn was due to widespread intolerance for views of anything other than Left/Liberal/Democrat. People who believed in Conservative policies to any degree came under attack; were yelled at in public. People who were Christian came under attack; other Religions as well. People who were White came under attack. On the part of Left/Liberal/Democrats, it wasn’t a matter of “where can we find common ground?” It was a matter of “shut up!” “Go away” “You are to be silenced!”

      The Left/Liberal/Democrat crowd gave the US to President Donald Trump. Enough voters who felt they no longer had ANY voice stood up and said “we should have a voice too!” The candidate they elected has no reservations about confrontation with those who tolerate nothing other than Left/Liberal/Democrat.

      Do I like the guy? There’s SOOOO much to not like. But I do like that he tells the Left/Liberal/Democrats that “there’s more to the US than your intolerant views.”

      Left/Liberal/Democrats to date have invested much energy trying to make the current President “go away”. Where would we be if they had spent that amount if effort tackling issues facing the US and the World? Answer: recently, Nancy Pelosi said “enough with calls for impeachment.” Why? She knows impeachment would not happen during the President’s current term; no “truly impeachable acts” have been found. Yes, maybe some questionable behaviors, but it ends there. Pelosi senses that calls for impeachment are not making Left/Liberal/Democrats look good in the overall Court of 2020 Public Opinion. A smart move for her Party. She knows many voters have already tired of Left/Liberal/Democrats not delivering the government they were elected to deliver. Why? Because they are not forcing the search find common ground. If they do that, and win opinion that they truly lead the search, the 2020 election will repeat 2016.

  10. Lamar

    He’s a typically attractive midwestern man, being raised in the Midwest; nothing to write home about in that department, really. I don’t see the country being ready for “this” as of yet, either. I mean, we’re still dealing with the backlash of having elected our first African Amer., Pres., I sure, there are people (m.a.g.a.’s) still reeling from that, lmao! What’s more, I sure his age or lack thereof, will work against him, too. I cannot, get all jazzed-up about his running.

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