Entertainment: Trans, Deaf Artist Cast in DC Comics’ Titans

Image credit: Chella Man’s Instagram (@chellaman)

There may not be a lot of diversity in today’s current crop of superhero movies, whether in front or behind the camera, but thankfully it is a different story when it comes to television. In yet another meaningful stride when it comes to representation, the DC Universe show Titans has cast a deaf trans artist for its upcoming second season.

Twenty-year old Youtube star, artist, and model Chella man has been cast as Jericho, a superhero who can possess other people when he locks eyes with them. Jericho is also unable to speak because his vocal chords have been severed by assassins, making the casting of Man doubly momentous as a person with a disability will be playing a character with a disability.

Man talked about the casting on his Instagram, calling it “a dream come true.”

Deadline reports that Man has 173,000 subscribers on his Youtube page, and was also signed by IMG as a model late last year.

Man’s casting is the latest in a series of progressive casting decisions on the part of DC. Last year, trans actress Nicole Maines was cast as the trans superhero Dreamer. Out lesbian actress Ruby Rose was also cast as lesbian superhero Batwoman last year.

Movies on both the DC and Marvel side have not been as diverse, although Marvel is reportedly looking for an openly gay actor to play a lead role in The Eternals.

What do you guys think about this casting? Are there any more LGBTQ superheroes that you would like to see make the transition either to the small screen or the big screen? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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  1. concerned

    I am glad to see Chellaman succeeding as an actor. However, seems to be a pernicious form of typecasting, as well. Are we at the point that only a deaf-trans person can play a deaf -trans character?
    Likewise, that only a lesbian can play a lesbian character?
    Why cannot the lesbian play the role of the romantic leading lady?
    Or the gay man take on the role of the romantic lead? It is called acting, right?
    Otherwise, it reeks of pigeonholing

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  3. Hunter0500

    Congrats to him! Seriously. He’s been recognized for his efforts, his work, and for who he is.

    Have to agree with others here, and this is in NO way a reflection on Chella, why is it that “The Community” generally demands that LGTBQ+ characters be portrayed by people who are LGTBQ+? That’s a double standard, hypocritical for sure. Any “straight” actor who would undertake such a role is for certain pro-LGTBQ+. That’s not a show of understanding? Acceptance?


  4. Total

    I like what CONCERNED said. Neil Patrick Harris played a womanizer for quite a few years on that TV show, so from now on you can only play gay men?

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