What is it like for you guys, going home for the holidays? More importantly, how many of us here in the LGBT community can go home this Christmas as our true selves? Not everyone else can, that’s for sure. Not when coming out to our family means costing us our home, and certainly not when it means facing persecution and discrimination from our home countries.

This holiday season 2019, Pantene and GLAAD had come together to create a tear-jerking advertisement called “Coming Home Should be BeautifuLGBTQ” in partnership with the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles. The commercial sheds light to the issue that the LGBT community faces come Christmas time. Some of us are not welcome at home, while some of us who are invited need to read a survival guide for Christmas such as this one in order to “get themselves through the holiday season without a family fight.”

The Pantene advert starts with a text that says, “137 million Americans will travel home this holiday season. But, 44% of LGBTQ+ people feel they can’t come home as their true selves.” In their YouTube post, Pantene explained that this is because LGBTQ+ people fear that “their identity (including hair, makeup and personal style) won’t be accepted.” They added, “Let’s make the most wonderful time of year wonderful for all. Because no matter when you come home, where you call home, or who you come home to – coming home should be #BeautifuLGBTQ.”  

Pantene also took the time to interview five of the members of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and below are some of their touching stories. ( These videos will definitely make you cry)

Will you be home for the holidays, guys? Who are you going to spend your Christmas with? Are you going to spend it with your family, friends, or lover? Sound off below and happy viewing!

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