“It was so hot my shirt literally burst into flames, luckily I was wearing my favourite pair of fire retardant shorts,” Hemsworth said in jest. “Give this circuit a go 6 times through.”

A short video clip showcasing Chris Hemsworth’s physical prowess is currently breaking the internet. In the 59-second video posted both on Twitter and Instagram, the Thor actor can be seen lifting weights and sprinting in an open field under the scorching sun. 

It’s not the first time Chris Hemsworth had gone viral. In March of this year, a video of him titled “Thor meets a quokka” circulated online (quokka is a marsupial found in the south west region of Western Australia, on the mainland, on Rottnest Island [near Perth] and on Bald Island [near Albany]). The following month, his portrayal of a depressed, alcoholic God of Thunder, Thor who had a “dad bod” in the film Avengers: Endgame (2019, The Russo brothers)gained a considerable social media attention. And who could forget his Thor workout that broke the internet in 2017? It had certainly inspired many men to try his insanely rigorous workout routine. 

Clearly, his fans couldn’t get enough of him. 

Anyway, many of them have a lot to say about his latest video. Some of his fans have even given Hemsworth pieces of advice—cautioned him to wear sunscreen and can he not please forget to hydrate? Most of them on the other hand, had simply expressed their appreciation by posting hilarious memes; take a look at some below.

Happy viewing!

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