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To fans of Ricky Martin out there, we know you’ll be thrilled to hear that he’s the cover of Out Magazine‘s Family Issue this month of August. He talked about many things including his quarantine life with his four kids and his husband, his activism, and his music of course.

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My favorite part of the interview however, is when he said that bit about liking big families. 

He shared that his grandmother had 14 children and often he’d ask himself, “Do I want that?” Martin admits that he “would love to have many grandkids in the future and have every Sunday filled with family but, you know, we have to see what happens.”

But ultimately, such a decision is influenced with many things like “being responsible.” Martin quips, “There’s moments where I want 10 more, and then there are those mornings where everybody’s crying and I’m like, ‘OK, maybe we’re fine at six.'”

Martin revealed that he had always dreamt of being a father but at the same time he’d think he won’t be able to realize this dream because he is gay. “Many years I dreamt of being a father, and many, many, many times I went through this grieving process of I am gay, I am a closeted gay man, and I’m not going to be able to be a daddy.” He added, “Obviously adoption is an option and it’s very beautiful, but unfortunately for gay men it’s very difficult to adopt in some countries.”

In addition, Martin talked about how he suffered from anxiety attacks brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. He confessed that it was something he had never ever experienced before, not even when he was performing in front of thousands of people. 

Martin said he faced his anxiety by channeling it into something creative, and the result? His first extended play (EP) called Pausa which he released early this summer. 

Pausa (which is the Spanish for ‘Pause’) contains six songs, five of which are collaborations with Carla Morrison, Sting, Bad Bunny, Residente, Neha Mahajan, and Pedro Capó. He has another EP coming this fall titled Play though no specific release date was mentioned yet.

We listened to Pausa and our favorites are Quiéreme (with Diego El Cigala) and Simple (with Sting).

Lastly, Martin talked about his activism and his fight for social justice in the interview quite extensively– how he’s involved in war against HIV and human trafficking as well as how he uses his platform to raise LGBTQ issues and to speak about Black Lives Matter Movement. Martin’s also a children’s rights advocate, he’s helped Puerto Rico recover from the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria and currently, from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis among many others.

As to why he’s doing what he does, Martin explained, “If I don’t do something, I’m allowing it to happen.” Read Out Magazine’s interview with Ricky Martin in full here.

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