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Dates are a great way to get to know a prospective partner, and when things go well it doesn’t just lead to more dates but maybe even to something more long-lasting like a relationship.

Of course, dates are also the perfect opportunity to find out that this guy you’re seeing is someone you never want to see again. This is why first dates are crucial and bombing them can easily result in no further dates.

But what is it exactly that results in you not getting a second date? This was something Reddit user u/Gaycrashtestdummy was curious about, even posting on the subreddit r/askgaybros. Hr got a lot of responses from the community, with the reasons ranging from the simple to serious.

Reddit user u/hexagonalshit, for instance, says it is an “instant boner killer” if dates make fun of other people in “a mean not funny way.”

Meanwhile, users u/Iam_Notreal and u/rascantealeaf consider tobacco enough of a sign not to go on a second date with someone.

User u/yang_xiao-long had more serious reasons. According to him, a previous relationship taught him never to go out again with emotionally stunted guys. He says his ex’s main emotion was anger and that he wasn’t very affectionate. On top of that, their relationship was almost sexless.

User u/EmitingXs, on the other hand, says not respecting his boundaries would mean no second date with the other guy. He says: “When a guy begins and will not stop touching me even after I’ve told them to stop. Why is ‘No’ so hard for some guys to understand some times?”

Another reason for being turned down for a second date, according to user u/RyuumaKun, is the other person only talking about himself the whole time. He says: “When you ask them stuff to get to know them better and to help them ease themselves and they won’t even bother to ask you about your day and you are stuck with them talking about themselves for hours without having asked you one thing.”

How about you, Adam4Adam blog readers? What are the things your date could do that would result in them not getting a second date? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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