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There’s a really popular thread on Reddit wherein the original poster (OP) asked, “Is pretty privilege real and does it exist within the gay community?” He then added, “If so, how? (I don’t have a point to make or anything I’m just curious about everyone’s opinions!)

One of his readers replied, and we quote, “It exists everywhere, not just with gays. If you’re attractive, you’ll seem more charming, funny, and intelligent. I’m pretty sure this is a studied phenomenon and I’ve felt it myself.”

Meanwhile, another shared how he copes when he encounter people who seem “too perfect.” He said, “My insecure ass has this funny thought that nobody’s perfect.” Further, he shared, “So when I usually see strangers that seem too perfect, I just say in my head, ‘he probably has bad breath’ or something to make myself feel better.”

To which another guy responded, “I think there’s a more general tendency to assume hot guys are stupid. Being muscular or rugged is usually associated by our culture with lower intelligence. Not just by you.”

Anyway, according to Psychology Today, research has found that “good looking people enjoy a range of preferential treatments in life.” But what are these advantages? It is said that job hunting is easier for good looking people; they even get higher salaries, among many others.

Studies also found, however, that there are also some downsides. For example, while they are often popular and well-liked by the opposite sex, they could be on the receiving end of “envy-related hostility.” This means that because of envy, good looking people “get socially excluded or bullied by those of the same sex than their less attractive counterparts.”

Moreover, there are “negative first impressions” associated with good looking people. They
“often give off the initial impression of being self-centered, entitled, incompetent, and promiscuous.” Read the article in full here.

All that being said, how true is the study for you and do you think pretty privilege exists in the LGBTQ community as well? Please don’t forget to comment below!

We leave you this video discussing pretty privilege:

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