If we’re lucky, the first date that we go on ends up leading to a second date, a third date, a fourth date, and eventually to something more permanent. It certainly feels great to have yourself validated by a person who’s excited to spend time with you again and again.

Then there are those dates that doesn’t lead to anything else, and you’re left wondering if it’s something you said or something you did.

Reddit user u/StandfordV certainly was curious about those kinds of dates, as evidenced by his post on the r/askgaybros subreddit. In his post, he asks what someone could sat on a first date that would immediately result in a “no second date.” The responses range from the most banal of reasons to the serious.

Reddit user u/henare says being asked “Have you always been this fat?” results in a “no second date” with him, as well as someone asking to go on a smoke break. Meanwhile, Reddit user u/essex_uk_93 says being asked questions that are too personal is the dealbreaker for him. Reddit user u/ShittyGuitarResponse, on the other hand, doesn’t like hearing about astrological signs and how they align.

The more serious responses are more political in nature. Three responses talked about how being a Trump supporter would definitely result in not getting asked out again, while four responses pointed out that any racism displayed on the first date would result in an immediate no from them.

Adam4Adam blog readers, we’re curious to hear about what your reasons would be to not see someone for a second date. Would the conversation revolving around astrological signs be too much for you? Or are you someone who could never think about seeing a Trump supporter ever again? Tell us your first date dealbreakers in the comments section below!

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