Today, we are going to talk about all things hairy because body hair is probably one of the most talked about topics in the community, or at least online. We often stumble upon discussion threads asking netizens what they think about body hair, specifically hair on buttocks. We would read online confessions about how they have a hairy ass and well, hole, they’d ask for advice as to what they should do about it, and do tops like it “perfectly silky smooth?”

A particular guy who does not recommend shaving one’s ass had horror stories to share—about how he had tried shaving once and how he had ended up regretting his decision. He said that just walking and climbing flights of stairs triggers too much sweating on his nether regions and as if feeling “slimy and sticky” down there wasn’t bad enough, it had to emanate a “horrible stench” as well. And oh, wait till the hair starts to grow, and the stubble starts to feel like a “hellish torture,” he added. He then, urged everyone not to shave their “ass-hair.”    

Some of the guys said that trimming does the trick but another shared how he “once hooked up with this guy and he trimmed everywhere, and it felt like trying to cuddle a cactus.” On the other hand, there are others who said that it’s up to the person whether they want to trim or remove the hair on their buttocks.

So, how hairy are you, guys? And do you prefer your partner to have smooth or hairy butt? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below and don’t forget to take our poll before you go! 

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