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No boyfriend, no husband, no partner, no hook up… no problem?

What is happening to your sex life, guys, as COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe? In some parts of the world, lockdowns have been lifted already but even now we are advised to continue observing social distancing and to not host a party or a large gathering. 

So I guess our question to you is this: is your sex life already back on track after all that lockdown we experienced?

If not yet, why not try becoming more creative while we are trying to get our sex life back on track? Because, you know, clearly we can’t wait for years to pass us by before having sex. How so, you ask. Please take a look below: 

  • Masturbation – good ol’ masturbation, it will never fail us. It’s a fun way to pleasure ourselves and explore our body. But most importantly, masturbation is safe. We are, after all, our own safest partner. 
  • Cybersex – Yes, porn consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic have gone up but also, some people have become inventive and have turned to virtual intimacies by having cybersex. Have you tried it yet? If not, you can watch cam shows through Adam4AdamLive or head on over to Adam4Adam.TV and browse our extensive categories for porn to masturbate to.
  • Use sex toys – sex toys bring more pleasure to our sex life. If you have yet to try sex toys or if you are looking for new ones to tide you over during this pandemic, you can head over to the Adam4Adam Store and purchase some.

If you don’t know what to get, you might want to try our sex stool. It now has handles for more control, and we are offering it at a whopping 32% off this week! 

But why a sex stool? It’s because every true bottom should have a sex stool at home. Purchase it here.

Here is why we love the Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool with Handles:

  • it always wants to fuck
  • it fucks soft or hard
  • it doesn’t stop unless you shut it down
  • it goes balls deep
  • it is available 24/7. No need for a boyfriend or a fuck buddy anymore! Just kidding, but you get the drift.

And, not only do you get a massive 32% discount on our Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool with Handles, but you also get a free cock ring when you get it before October 31, 2021. 

Here’s how you can get your free Vibrating Cock Ring and Bullet:

Hurry, guys, buy it now! If you purchase our sex stool after October 31st, it will be too late because by then the promo will be over.

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