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Society, in general, has these firmly-held beliefs about gay people and the LGBTQ community in their head, of what they think we are like, and these stereotypical judgments can be quite challenging to face. 

We are bringing this up because we stumbled upon this particular thread online. User Jckun31, who started the thread, said he hated how people think that “gays are into astrology.” He, however, admitted that the reason why he hated it could also be because one of his exes was “super into it.” 

But why is it important to talk about and recognize stereotypes? It’s because negative stereotypes breed “homophobia, lesbophobia, gayphobia, biphobia, or transphobia” and awareness is the first step to reducing and preventing these “phobias.”  

Anyway, below are some of the gay men on Reddit’s most hated gay stereotype or generalization, please don’t forget to share yours in the comments section below:

  • According to user cute_gay_bunny, for him it is:”that there has to be a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ in a gay relationship.
  • Cwh93 said, “that we can’t be into sports.”
  • For ssgatg1995, it’s: “That we all can decorate and watch RuPaul.”
  • User alanon6 shared, “That we are weak and can’t fight. I like finishing with, ‘Tell your friends a fag kicked your ass.'”
  • User greihar on the other hand, said: “That just because we like men we want to be women. Like, seriously? And that has been told to me by straight women.”
  • Meanwhile, Manly_Juices lamented that: “The most dangerous one that I have had friends bring up is the stupid idea that gay men are more likely to be pedos.”
  • surnamemaster, on the other hand, said he hates “that phase a lot of women have where they start thinking gays are the coolest thing ever and talk about us like we’re magical unicorns or something.”
  • For user Throwawayzurich, he said he hates it that people think being gay “is a lifestyle choice.”
  • User grapeSerpent shared: “people seem to just forget that there are gay men above the age of 29.”
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