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How was your first time, guys? Moreover, did you lose your virginity to a stranger?

We are asking because some gay men on Reddit revealed they lost their virginity to a stranger and that they’ve since then regretted the experience. Would you say that it is the same for you?

The original poster (OP) of the thread, said that he was still a virgin at the age of 23 and that he was “having a bit of ‘mid-life crisis’ despite not being middle-aged.”

He explained that he wanted to lose his virginity to someone he was dating but that he had “never even been on a date before.” This led him to have anxiety and depression (he still does he says). He further shared that he’d given up on finding a boyfriend to lose his virginity to so he figured he’d just lose it to a stranger. Long story short, he met a stranger, and then he went to the guy’s house for “a very lukewarm experience.” OP said that while he didn’t regret losing it to a stranger, he does think he rushed it and he wished he waited for a guy he was a little more attracted to.

Anyway, one guy who responded to the OP’s question revealed:

Sounds similar to my first time. It wasn’t horrible or traumatizing or anything, but looking back, he was a selfish lover and a total douchebag. I don’t have any major regrets, though. I needed to get it over with, as I was being really down on myself for still being a virgin at 22. Still, I do kinda wish it was with someone better, but it also doesn’t really matter. Life goes on and I’ve had plenty of great sex since.

Another guy shared, “Long before apps, in the long ago (1985), I lost it in the backseat of my VW Scirocco to a guy I met 10 mins before in a gay bar.”

Meanwhile, one guy advised:

Virginity is not a real thing when it comes to gay sex. There’s no ‘hymen’ to break, and even that definition is iffy with straight couples.

Sexual inexperience is definitely a thing, though. That’s why, usually, the first 5-10 times you have sex, you’ll say stuff like ‘Wait, that’s it? This is sex? Huh.’ but it becomes a lot better the more you do it.

So, stop pitying yourself for ‘losing your virginity,’ and get over your sexual inexperience phase as quickly as you can, so you can also start enjoying the ‘real’ sex that comes afterwards.

Having said all that, this article agrees with the last commenter above. The author said, and we quote, “You had sex, and now you wish you hadn’t – it’s common to regret losing your virginity. Stop beating yourself up, the reality of losing it is often nothing like the fantasy.”

What about you, guys? Did you lose your virginity to a stranger? Did you regret losing it as well? Why or why not?

What advice would you give to those who regret losing theirs to someone they don’t know? And for our virgin readers, is really being a virgin such a depressing thought for you as well? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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