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Recently we talked about how much is too much when it comes to sex and one of our readers mentioned masturbation which brings us to our topic today: do you masturbate guys, and if so, how often? Do you masturbate daily, three times a week, three times a month, or maybe you used to masturbate before but you no longer do it and if so, why not? 

In any case, if your answer is yes, then you are one of the 94 percent of the LGBT people who admitted that yes, they do masturbate. Also, where do you masturbate most? 

The same survey says that most men in the United States masturbate in their bedroom at 73 percent although there were other popular places such as the bathroom at 35 percent and the shower at 32 percent. And yes, there were others who also love masturbating in their cars (6 percent) and in their workplace at 3 percent. 

When asked how often the survey participants masturbate, 60 percent answered at least once a week while 23 percent of them said they masturbate a few times a month. In addition, the survey found that the country that masturbates the most is Spain at 92 percent followed by UK (91 percent), Germany (89 percent), and the US at 84 percent. Read the rest of the report here.

But why talk about masturbation at all? Isn’t there a saying that what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom?

Well, not exactly; in fact, experts actually encourage people to talk more about masturbation and sexual health because doing so is beneficial to our mental health. According to San Diego-based gay psychologist Michael Dale Kimmel, “Bringing all this stuff out in the open is definitely a boon to our mental health. Shame, guilt and secrecy about sexual activities makes us more unhappy and troubled.” 

That being said, do people in a relationship talk about masturbation with their significant other? Sixty-five percent of the men said yes as opposed to women at 54 percent. On the other hand, the following are the popular answers when those who said no were asked why they are not comfortable talking about masturbation with their significant other and we quote:

  • It’s a private matter that doesn’t need discussing
  • I don’t know how to talk about it with them
  • I’m embarrassed that I masturbate
  • I don’t want my partner to know or feel bad that I masturbate

Do you feel the same way, guys? Please share with us your thoughts and masturbation stories and don’t forget to answer our survey below while you are at it!

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