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We all love men, there’s no denying that. But what, in particular, do we love about them? The non-sexual stuff, if we may add.

Some of the gay men on Reddit have spoken about the matter and one man in particular revealed that he loved men’s “Broad shoulders. Oh, and brown eyes.” It’s a sentiment that was shared by another guy who replied, “I like big hands and wide shoulders and a nice wide chest. And some muscle tone is nice too.”

Meanwhile, for this guy it’s all about body hair. He said, “Picking just one, body hair. Obviously this does overlap with sexuality a lot but just aesthetically I think it’s gorgeous.” He added, “Some men have literal patterns growing on their chests and it’s just so cool and pretty.”

This guy, however, said that he loves it “when a guy will try and show affection towards you and then do this little nervous twitch in their arm if they feel like they made things awkward or something.” We agree, that’s cute, don’t you think so, too?

Anyway, for this particular guy, what he loves about men is “his mind and if he is passionate about something, I think a man who works hard in what he loves, it’s very attractive.” It’s quite the opposite for this guy who said that his favorite thing about men is “that they just have big bodies.” He elaborated, “I don’t know if that’s sexual, but I cannot imagine myself with a short woman because they’re just so tiny.”

But what about you, guys? What do you love about men? Can you relate to their answers? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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