Losing your virginity can either be a memory you’ll want to treasure forever or something that you want to just immediately forget. If you’re one of the people who’s had a less than memorable first time, you’ve probably wished that there was someone around to give you tips back then.

Thankfully, we now have the internet, where there are quite a number of places where you can ask for help and advice. The subreddit Ask Gay Bros is one such place, and recently a curious man in his 20s asked for some advice.

In a post titled “I’m ready,” Reddit user discmain reveals he’s been attracted to women his whole life but he’s also been curious and that there’s nothing he wants more than “to give oral to a man and possibly even be penetrated.”

The problem — aside from this being his first time with a man — is that he has just come out of a 14-year relationship and doesn’t know the best way to approach someone to ask them to take his gay virginity.

The people of Ask Gay Bros readily gave him some advice, ranging from getting on a dating app or heading to an LGBTQ establishment.

User DidntAskGonnaTell suggested going on a dating app, saying “There are usually a few people who just want to hookup and plenty who have a fantasy about a straight/first timer.”

User PrivateAccountShh echoed this sentiment, saying that the poster should sign up for a dating app and declare “‘I am a straight man, I am just curious to give oral and/or be penetrated but I don’t want to kiss or cuddle etc just purely want to experiment.’ There are definitely going to be some people who are cool with it as they just want a hookup or whatever.”

Meanwhile, user waffleyan suggested a gay bar, and even gave advice on how he should go about getting a hookup. According to him, the user should “Be very upfront about (t. Usually in a conversation people will ask how long you’ve been out, if you’re single or what you are looking for in the bar. You can use these opportunities to explain your situation!”

But we want to hear what you Adam4Adam blog readers think. If someone who was going to try gay sex for the first time approached you for advice, what tips would you give them? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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