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News: Gay Adult Film Performer Casey Jacks Passes Away at 29

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Casey Jacks’s Instagram Account)

Casey Jacks—gay adult film performer for studios such as MEN, Falcon Studios, Hot House, and Next Door Studios—has passed away on Monday evening, April 29, 2019. His agent at Choice Talent Management, Chris Crisco, confirmed the sad news on a Twitter post.  

Jacks was only 29 years old.

The news was met with tributes and sympathy messages by shocked fans and colleagues like Will Braun, Michael Roman, and Tony Dimarco among others. They all remembered Jacks as someone who was positive, easygoing, fun, sweet, and warm… a guy who loved dancing, had a loving spirit, and a contagious laugh. 

Tony Dimarco said on Twitter, “Stunned and heartbroken by this news. Casey was light spirit, funny and a pleasure to be around. Always smiling and laughing, it’s a terribly sad day. 💔” Michael Roman on the other hand, tweeted, “One of the most fun nights I’ve ever had was dancing at Roscoes all night to Britney Spears with Casey! He was such a fun, warm, loving person! I love you bro and will miss the hell out of you!”

Although Crisco did not mention the cause of Jacks’s death, some of his colleagues had intimated that Jacks died from suicide. 

These reports remained unconfirmed as of this writing. Crisco on the other hand, posted another tweet saying that he would rather celebrate Jacks’s “life with happy thoughts instead of details surrounding his death.” Crisco urged everyone instead, to write their story/memory with Jacks on a blog entry he created for him.

Where to Get Help

If you or a loved one is having suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. You may also click here or go to for more resources.

The suicide action phone numbers for other countries are:

US – Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860 Available 24/7

Canada – Trans Lifeline: (877) 330-6366 Available 24/7

Philippines – Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (632) 804-HOPE (4673) and 0917-558-HOPE (4673) 2919 (toll-free number for all GLOBE and TM subscribers)

For the other Asian countries, click here while those who are in various countries in Europe may check here.

For Adam4Adam users from other parts of the world not mentioned above, you may click this, this, and this link.

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  1. Nathan

    What is to be gathered by this announcement?

    Another Human Being extricates himself from Humanity? What could have been so horrendous to cause self-annihilation?

    Are we all so troubled…so early on in life… that we can’t see the trees behind, and to the left and right, of the tree in front?

    And, to think, that my brother will be dead, 52 years, this coming May. He was 20.

    How sad I am to read of this and remorse the loss of another life because the Spirit could not reconcile itself with the Body?

    I will be 73, in August, and to have lived so long and to have seen so many die before I was 30.

    I hope he is peaceful and content? And, so close to Memorial Day!

    What a burden on the shoulders of Nathan; he now sees another be “Eternally Young” while the rest of his contemporaries grow old…just to have the time to remember.

    Bis vivit qui bene vivit – He lives twice who lives well

    • Neo

      Not really if you consider the high amount of drug use in porn and that they are treated like objects and less like people.

  2. Oceanbear

    My condolences and prayers and deep sadden thoughts of a wonderful man regardless of any of works of his life.I respectfully wish that people understand that every gorgeous man is normal and his feelings and ideas are human
    It is truly a terrible loss of loving and caring man…
    Rest in Peace and may the angels in heaven take care of You Casey Jacks…

  3. Christopher J Carta

    Another beautiful soul lost..god speed.. there is a ray of light amongst sadness… for some explicable reason, the bloggers and this website seemed to have not noticed the article in the guardian today where the cdc mentioned that HIV/AIDS maybe wiped out in our lifetime.. PEOPLE READ THIS ARTICLE IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALL HUMANITY…! THE GUARDIAN WEBSITE..THANK U

  4. isoltrjock

    Naturally one wonders about the cause of death.
    Is it very sad that such an attractive man dies at such a young age.
    If it was suicide, the expression “Don’t accept a permanent solution to a short-term problem” comes to mind.
    It’s very edgy to think that materialism and hedonism bring happiness.
    Most of my friends are spiritual.
    They and I quickly admit that we could not make it through difficult times without faith.

  5. bob

    thank God I beat the black bitch!!!!! I am now married to the love of my life. that bitch plays for keeps!!! please seek help if you ever think you hear her nasty voice!!!!

  6. TiredOfIt

    I saw many do this in the ’80s when they’d poz up. I lost 256 friends, lovers and buds to the pandemic. I saw many more fie in thd AIDS wards at Ksiser and Hollywoid Presbyterian. I did the tough thing and went celebate, and I’m still around. This poor guy was 29, roughly the average age of all the guys I saw die in the pandemic. Now, with the drug problems in the gay community, they’re still dying.

    When oh when will it ever end? I’ve seen more deaths of gay guys than most veterans could ever have dreamt of seeing in ‘Nam or Iraq…but I’m still here, nearly alone. It’s painful.

    • Nathan



      excess of anything and everything…but, only with the finest of anything and everything,,, interspersed with rest and relaxation!


      excess of anything and everything…sans quantity and quality!

    • isoltrjock

      Again I don’t pretend to know the circumstances surrounding this untimely death, but thanks for mentioning “celibate,” a concept which I don’t see often on gay sites. Being abstinent, or just having solitary sex, can be a reasonable choice in my opinion.

  7. AllitalianNNJ

    Obsession with looks and superficiality is why so many gay guys kill themselves. You look past so many of us guys because we may be too short not hot enough or not perfect bodies. You dudes are all the same. And the sad thing is, Im a good looking, successful guy with a great job and great personality, yet because Im not the ideal image of what so many of you think I should be, you pass over a great catch.

    • Jonathan

      Why do you have to make this post about you and your insecurities? Good for you, that you are good looking, and successful and great personality. It sounds to me, that you are as well as superficial like the guys you are complaining about, arrogant showing up how much you go or how good your job is, and egocentric, to think you have a great personality.. honey, if you really are all that, you don’t need to tell anybody to believe you, let people see it if its truth you are all “that”.

  8. Father Hennepin

    Like reality tv, porn seems to be dangerous to performers. You allow many strangers to peer inside you, and they may not have good intentions or energy. Absorbing negative energy or thoughts on such an internal level must be harmful. But suicide may have more to do with why the person chose such a path in the first place. Prostitution is not a victimless crime, the prostitute is the one harmed most of all.

  9. Obligated

    Very sad and tragic news. The passing of anyone at such a young age is never good and that Mr. Jacks may have done it himself leaves many questions and too few answers.

    Rest well, Casey.

  10. rparktop

    With the Grabby’s in Chicago in a couple of weeks, lots of people from the porn industry will be in town. This would be an opportunity for them to step up & kick back some bucks to help guys in the industry who may be having issues. After all the porn companies will continue to make money long after the actors are all gone. Dave Slick last summer & now Chris Crisco. Two performers under 30 dead in under a year.

  11. KC

    Wow, that manager/agent totally misses the boat. First, sweeping the very issues under the rug that may have caused Mr. Jacks suicide reinforces the idea that these issues were shameful, verboten, and unaddressable. It’s no wonder Mr. Jacks didn’t feel comfortable talking about whatever he was feeling, or that he had to keep up appearances. Second, if he did commit suicide, it’s more respectful to acknowledge the pain he was in, than to try to ignore it by “celebrating” and “remembering the glorious life” he had. Committing suicide in part delivers a message to loved ones that everything was NOT OK. Creating an environment where people — men, in particular — are allowed to open up, to be vulnerable, to be nurtured and supported is the only way to prevent future suicides.

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