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Music: Highlights from 2019 Billboard Music Awards

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Madonna’s YouTube Account)

Did you watch the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), guys? If so, let us know below what your favorite moments are. If you hadn’t had the opportunity to watch it, well, worry not as we’re summarizing here for you our favorite performances and moments from the 2019 BBMAs.

  • Madonna and Colombian singer Maluma’s performance of “Medellín.” We only have one word to describe their number and its ‘perfection.’ Madonna dancing with digital versions of herself was quite the spectacle (she reportedly paid $5 million for it). Fans can’t stop gushing about the hologram projections of Madonna and just how sexy the duo is.
  • Taylor Swift and pansexual singer songwriter Brendon Urie opened the show with a bubbly performance of their brand-new single called “ME!” I loved the marching band, the colorful outfits and briefcases, and Brendon Urie’s Mary Poppins-esque entrance.
  • Host Kelly Clarkson poked fun at an incident on last month’s Academy of Country Music Awards show where a security mistook her as a seat-filler and asked her to move. Watch her skit with Terry Crews below.
  • Canadian rapper Drake outdid himself (and many other artists for that matter) by walking away with both the Top Male Artist and the Top Artist awards. By nabbing 12 awards out of his whopping 17 Billboard nominations, he was considered not only the biggest winner for this year’s BBMAs but also the most-awarded artist at the BBMAs of all time with a total of 27 wins.
  • Cardi B won six awards including Rap Female Artist, Top Rap Song, Hot 100 Song, Collaboration, Radio Song, and Top Selling Song. Watch her acceptance speech for Top Rap Song below.
  • BTS and Halsey performed their hit song “Boy With Luv” amidst a sea of screaming fans. The Bangtan boys, composed of Jungkook, V (Kim Tae-hyung), Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope, also won the Social Artist and Duo/Group Awards.
  • Mariah Carey received this year’s Icon Award and delivered an epic performance, a medley of her hits that made the crowd dance and sing-along with joy. 

Six of Mariah Carey’s albums landed No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. She also has had a total of 18 number-one hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart not to mention that she holds the record (along with Elvis Presley) of most cumulative weeks at number one in the Hot 100 chart with a total of 79 weeks. Check out her Billboard chart history here.

Hosted by Kelly Clarkson, the 2019 Billboard Music Awards was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas last Wednesday night. See the complete list of winners here.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Nathan

    A totality of incidentals whose only “Raison d Etre” is to remain relevant when it is, already, painfully clear, that none of the aforementioned in the pics have any present contributions…except to show how “Ephemera” our culture has become.

    Madonna has become a Parody, and The Parody is, ultimately, self-deprecating. It is the result of someone who no longer knows when to come-in-from-the-rain!

    This spectacle is the same thing, I experience, when I go to the graves of those with whom I served, and I see others walk around the cemeteries out of curiosities but not out of love and memories.

    They look upon me with ridicule as they cannot fathom why someone would bother to visit after so-many-years.

    • Dave

      I thought Madonna’s performance was amazing and cool. She is older, it is normal that she doesn’t sound like the younger pop star.
      For her age I think she is amazing and a true icon and legend.

    • Donovan

      Good Lord. You’ve been in the graveyard so long you’ve lost all sense of the living. Madonna is still very much alive and at 60 years old is cha-cha’ing her way into her fourth decade. Ephemeral indeed. You should come-in-from-the-graveyard and open yourself up to new love and new memories. One, two, cha cha cha.

      • Nathan

        Did I shake you up?

        Perhaps, my contribution made you look at both the mirror and calendar? It’s later than you think and know?

        Embrace reality; it isn’t so bad.

        Have a shot of “Jagermeister”…on me!

      • Nathan


        I got chewed out for being realistic; It frightens some but makes other uncomfortable. I spent 38 years in the Military.

        I have my own take on life; it isn’t in opposition or contrary to Human Nature, but it is what I have come to understand:

        We are all closer to-the-hole than we are to-the-hearse… .

  2. mark

    People like Madonna are loosely considered as being “super humans”. They are not like you and me. They exist on a higher plateau but it requires hard work and unimaginable dedication and perseverance. People like you couldn’t perform at the level of Madonna even when you were 20 years old! So of course you do not understand it. And never will unless you expand your mind. Otherwise, you will remain intellectually challenged in addition to being physically inept.
    “They look upon me with ridicule as they cannot fathom why someone…” I mean, if you were ACTUALLY visiting anyone’s grave at a cemetery you would truly understand what love is, instead of being concerned with what you think others are saying about you. Just because you are ‘wordy’ and feel compelled to use your new word “Ephemera” in a sentence, doesn’t make you right or even relevant. What it does, is show that like the ‘culture’ you pretend not to ascribe, you are no different from any other ageist, homophobe, racist, misogynist person spilling hate looking to put down others’ accomplishments. I also notice this kind of ageist nonsense seem to be reserved especially for women, even if it is by women. As a male, I am motivated and inspired by those within our culture who show perseverance, stamina, determination, love, dedication and all the positive attributes, regardless of age, gender, race etc. I would first ask the question, what have I contributed to the world and how can I contribute positively to it myself, before I go dishing, to use an understandable term, crap.

    • Tek

      Corporate created image fame, vanity and drug addicts are “super human”. This was great for a laugh. This “ists” thrown in for good measure made the parody more obvious.

  3. Ta-ta-ta

    Her ability to dance & sing (& still) get up & do her thing, and do it well, at 61, is admirable. But… for fucks sake, with the billions she’s earned by this point, give the spotlight to the next generation of pop tarts, (or nurture new talent as a producer), spend more time being present as a mom, do more philanthropy work (maybe something more connected to your human experience, like, less Malawi and more Michigan, like maybe help the kids still dealing with Flint’s lead-contaminated water supply or the folks struggling to re-imagine post-automobile-centric Detroit), find the next obtuse spiritual pursuit, establish a weekly night of Mah johng with Ingrid Caseres and Debi Mazar, etc. I will always admire her talent and chutzpah, but the post-cougar-older-lady-GILF*-wannabe chasing Maluma seems kind of desperate, not very cute on many levels. And the (Did you hear that? They called me a whore! They actually called me a whore) Holograms… Look at me look at me look at me… And any wardrobe choice that could be mistaken as a result of a senior-related condition should be avoided, i.e., the eyepatch, cuz at this stage of the game, it’s less “inventive wardrobe choice” and more like “I’m recovering from cataract surgery.” *(The G is for Grandma.)

  4. Brian

    Madonna was tired and lifeless. Maluma was fun, charismatic and sexy as f*ck. That song – and the performance – would be totally boring without him. Now she needs computer generated versions of herself and backup dancers and a sexy Latin guy to be interesting. Stop drinking the kool aid, folks. Yes I can admire her contributions to music, culture and society and still think this song and performance are lacking quality and substance.

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