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So, you met a guy. He’s sexy, attractive, smart, and funny. He’s mostly everything you thought how your dream guy or ideal guy would be.

And your chemistry? It was off the charts!

The two of you had just the best date of your lives and you couldn’t get your hands off each other, you get down and dirty, and that’s when you guys discover something else: he’s a top, like you. Or bottom, really, the point is, does him having the same position as you in bed a dealbreaker?

Will you still date him? Would you try to work it out with him? Do you think you’d still have a satisfying sex life in spite of this?

You see, for other people, it’s not a happy relationship unless their sexual needs are being met, and if this is the case, then their relationship is doomed. As a friend of mine said, “love is fine but it also has to translate in the bedroom.”

So, when you meet someone who is also a top like you, would you bottom for him? Or what about if you’re a bottom, would you top for him?

Anyway, one of our readers named TOMMYYBOY12 said about this topic:

I think the bigger issue would be with two total tops 0.0 don’t you think? 😉 I used to be a total top and would be completely turned off by the thought of having something up my ass… of course , luckily, I found a guy that changed that for me… but I can’t imagine having a good sexual relationship with another total top when I was one myself…

Meanwhile, another blog reader named James said something akin to the first answer above, “Not likely because if they are 2 guys in love and committed then one of them has to be the dominant rough top guy and the other bottom, or they can be versatile, but someone has to put his wiener in the other guy’s ass and mouth during sex.”

Do you agree with them, guys? Moreover, have you ever been in this kind of situation before? If so, what did the two of you do? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section down below!

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