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Have you ever had a roommate with benefits (RWB), guys? If so, how did that relationship turn out for you? 

RWB is similar to having FWB or friends with benefits in the sense that the two of you are having sex but you are not boyfriends and are not looking for a serious relationship with each other, which means that the two of you can date other people. The only difference is that in RWB, both of you live in the same apartment hence the perpetual dilemma: to be or not to be in RWB with the attractive roommate you have the hots for.

Others say they are not willing to risk it, because what if things go south? What if your relationship become complicated and it turned awkward and messy, what will you do then, they ask? What makes these kinds of situations even more difficult is when things between you two become weird as this will also make your, say, four other roommates feel weird. And this is why they advise people to “not shit where you eat;” applicable too, when it comes to getting involved with colleagues, they say. 

Conversely, those who said that they are up for it reasoned that if roommate with benefits works for you then there’s no reason why you should not try it. Another said that people should just do what they want because they’d end up regretting their decision either way and it’s really just a matter of choosing between “I wish we tried” or “I wish we’d never met.” 

Anyway, what about you, what do you think? Have you ever been in this situation? If so, what did you do and how did your choice work out for you? Share with us your thoughts and RWB stories in the comments section below.

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