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Would you have a romantic relationship or would you have sex with your boss or a colleague you are attracted to? But what if your manager is attracted to your boyfriend and he keeps bugging you about him? Would you allow your boyfriend to sleep with your manager? What if it’s the other way around and you are on the receiving end of said manager’s unwanted advances, would you sleep with your boyfriend’s boss anyway if it meant your boyfriend will “have better prospects” and it will “make things better at work ” for him? 

Wait, what? 

Yes, you’ve read it right! This is the dilemma of “Troubled Man (TM)” who sought an advice from this columnist on how to go about his situation. Apparently, his boyfriend’s boss is also gay and said boss had repeatedly expressed his interest to TM’s boyfriend. The manager would tell his boyfriend how he wanted to “anally penetrate” TM which his boyfriend had initially dismissed as drunken talk but fast forward to one month and things at work had become increasingly hard with each dismissal. Moreover, the pressure had started to put a strain between them especially since the boyfriend had started to suggest that they open their relationship and could TM please take up manager on his offer? Read the entire story here.

If it were you, what would you do guys? How far are you willing to go to help your boyfriend and what advice would you give this Troubled Man? In any case, have you ever been hit on by your boss or by a colleague? If so, what did you do? Did you sleep with them?

This survey says that 28% of their study participants have slept with their boss while 58% of them knew of a coworker who had slept with their superiors. What did the research participants do when they found out that a colleague had slept with their boss? A whopping 64.5% said they did nothing but 16% of them admitted they gossiped about it while 10.5% reported the relationship to HR and an additional 11.4% sent an anonymous tip to the HR and/or higher-ups. 

But why do people sleep with their bosses? The main reason of course, is that they were sexually attracted to their boss at 66.5%, 12.1% admitted it was for a pay raise, while some said it’s for a larger bonus and for a promotion, both at 11.2% respectively. 

Incidentally, 8.3% revealed that they are willing to sleep with the boss to help a colleague get a raise while 7.3% said they did it to help get a friend hired.  

Anyway, whether it’s you who’s being propositioned or your boyfriend through you or if you’re the one who’s doing the propositioning, or if you’re sleeping with the boss to get your boyfriend hired or promoted, apparently it’s not exactly uncommon but it would pay to remember several things. First, is the feeling mutual? Secondly, do you have their consent? And lastly, what is your company’s policy when it comes to workplace romances and dalliances? Some companies prohibit romantic relationship and it could cost you your job even if it is consensual as in the case of McDonald’s CEO and his departure from the organization very recently. 

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