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How many exes do you have, guys, and are you still friends with them? Why or why not?

We are bringing this up because someone on Reddit talked about this topic wherein the original poster (OP) said, “Is it true a lot of gay men stay friends with their exes? I hear (about) this a lot and I personally can’t believe why someone would do that. But is that even true?”

Anyway, some gay men weighed in on the topic and one of them in particular said: 

<blockquote>It really depends on how the relationship ended. Lots of straight people are friends with their exes / ex-husbands and wives. It has nothing to do with being gay or not. <br><br>

If you both are mature people and come to closure oftentimes it’s reasonable to stay friends. </blockquote><br><br>

One guy responded: “I think it happens a lot more with gay guys as social circles tend to overlap far, far more. Even if you don’t want to see an ex, they often pop up anyways.”

Meanwhile, another guy said, “My ex is one of my best friends. I find it weird to cut ties with someone you’ve spend so much significant time in your life just because the type of relationship isn’t right anymore?” He explained, “Unless they’ve hurt you or done you dirty, if the breakup happens for something else, why not?”

On the other hand, another guy responded, “I couldn’t stay friends with my ex because I got jealous every time I saw him with another guy or when he went out to places without me.” He added, “It was just best to block him and eventually forget about him. For me, staying friends with him was like using a band aid, when what I really needed was heart surgery.”

Having said all that, a study found that yes, LGBTQ people are more likely to “have a current friendship” with their ex as compared to straight individuals. In addition, they are “also reported having more of these friendships, on average and across their lifetimes than their heterosexual counterparts.”

As to why this is the case, the study, discussed in detail in a paper titled Personal Relationships, revealed that LBGTQ people “place a unique degree of importance on retaining the emotional support, advice, trust, and shared memories of their ex-partners.” This is perhaps the reason why they are also “more likely to go out of their way to maintain a relationship with an ex-partner than were their heterosexual counterparts.” Read the study in full here.

Anyway, do you agree with the study guys? Are you more inclined to stay friends with your exes? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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