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Hey, guys! It’s as the title says: what was your first gay experience or first gay sexual encounter and how did it feel like?

We are asking because some gay men took to Reddit to share their own first sexual gay experiences. One man for instance, revealed that his first gay sexual experience happened during his military service, “In a shower, between 3 and 4AM. He approached me, I did not resist. Was exhilarating.” Another gay man said, “Met a guy on AOL in a chat room. Blew him in his car.”

Meanwhile, one guy shared:

My first experience was in college. Told my then girlfriend that it was something that I wanted to try and surprisingly she was supportive. Met a guy on Craigslist and he came to my apartment. I sucked him off and he finished in my mouth and I will never forget that he made a “minute man” comment right after he finished. Took me a while to cum from his mouth/hand because I was nervous but it was euphoric in a way that I’d never experienced before.

On the other hand, another guy confessed that his first ever gay experience happened only recently. It was a few days after his 29th birthday, he said. Moreover, he told his hookup it was his first time and that he “just went for it.” He said, “We kissed, which felt very weird. Maybe he was a bit too forceful. But he said I was a good kisser lol.” The man added, “It was also the time I found out I did not like blow jobs (and was confirmed later on). I asked him if I could top him. I couldn’t. We kissed for a bit more. And that was pretty much it.”

Having said all that, what was your first gay experience or first gay sexual encounter? Did you regret it? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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