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Speaking of things and habits that we should no longer do, a gym located in West Hollywood has kindly reminded its members not to have sex in the men’s locker room. 

Attention Members,” their message, which they wrote on a flyer and posted at the gym, began. “Please DO NOT HAVE SEX in the Men’s Locker Room! You can have sex *literally* anywhere else, just not at Crunch Fitness. Otherwise, your membership will be immediately revoked. Please keep this safe space for all Crunchers.

A Twitter user called @rossiferrrr had originally posted about it including a picture of the flyer (shown below) with the caption, “Tell me you work at a gay gym without telling me you work at a gym.”

The tweet has since then been deleted from Twitter, nevertheless, the post had immediately captured people’s attention, specifically the gay men on Reddit where a copy of the image had made its way. One of the them pointed out: “As a business manager, I wonder whether I would explicitly ask people to ‘not have sex’ in the locker rooms.” He added, “Might that not have the (presumably unintended) side effect of essentially advertising the fact that their locker room is cruisy? Assuming they really want to reduce such activity I would probably go about it in a different way.” To which another guy suggested, “Maybe it’s actually a clever marketing ploy 👀”

Whatever the case is, people at the gym may really feel inclined to have sex or at least fantasize about having sex at the gym after a good workout. This is because, according to sex expert Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD: “the endorphins that come with physical activity don’t just improve your mood — their release can make you feel aroused, too.” Further, she explained, “Other feel-good brain chemicals, like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, get a boost when you work out, which could only make your mind wander more.” Dr. Beck also added that the gym goers’ workout attire makes it “easier at the gym to imagine people without their clothes, doing sexy things, than it is, say, at the bank.”

Having said all that, do you have gym sex fantasies, guys? Maybe it’s no longer a fantasy for you but a reality? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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