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When and how old were you when you first had a boyfriend, guys? Or perhaps, the question is: have you ever had a boyfriend? It’s just that some of us are not into relationships or are not actively looking while others just still haven’t found the one, or are have yet to fall in love or come out of the closet.

Anyway, we are asking because the gay men on Reddit are talking about this topic. One of them said that he had a boyfriend at the age of 28 and that they’re married now. On the other hand, several men said that they are already 28, 29, 30 years old and are yet to have a boyfriend. 

“I’m about to turn 28. I’ve basically been out since college but nope, no experience and no one’s ever shown interest either,” one guy revealed. 

His comment was seconded by another guy who shared, “Same, turning 29 this year.” He added, “And for anyone wondering, I came out right after high school graduation and I’ve never been anywhere close to being in a relationship. I would really like to fall in love for the first time though since everyone talks about how fun it can be.”

Meanwhile, one guy said, “I’m 37. Never even kissed a guy. I’ve given up.”

Going back to the original question, when and how old were you when you first had a boyfriend, guys? In addition, what did it feel like to be in your first gay relationship? Did you marry your first boyfriend like the guy above? More importantly, what advice would you give other men who are waiting for their significant other (SO) to come? 

All I can say is that we all have our own pace, so while others may have had their first boyfriend already at 18, for some it’s when they were 28 or even older, and that’s okay. Finding the one is not a race and as the song goes, we can’t hurry love – unfortunate, but true. 

However, I also believe that if we are looking for love, then we should exert an effort and put ourselves out there. If you’re on Adam4Adam app or website, then you might want to check our article titled Online Gay Dating Resolutions to Make in 2022. Or, why not start with downloading the Adam4Adam iOS/Android app here if you don’t have it yet on your mobile? You’re missing out on a lot by not downloading it.

Having said all that, what’s your first boyfriend story, guys? Sound off in the comments section below.

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