Hey, guys! Meet River Wilson, one of Adam4Adam’s new faces. This hunk has a beautiful name that goes with his beautiful face and, ahem, did we mention already that he has long, sexy legs? 

We’ll leave you to discover his many other incredible physical attributes which you can feast your eyes on so go ahead and swing by his Instagram account @thewildriver. We guarantee you won’t regret it! We will also present photos of our photoshoot with River along with other models on our Instagram so make sure to follow us over there.

Good looks aside, River is a man of many talents: he has a beautiful voice, he can play the guitar, and he composes songs. He may have it all but River remains humble. And you probably won’t be able to glean this just from looking at his Instagram photos but in real life, River is an introvert.

We sat down with River to ask him about the qualities that he looks for in a man, about his tendency to be hard on himself, and the ways with which he explores his creative side.

Adam4Adam (A4A): Who is River Wilson? What is your story?

River Wilson (RW): I would love to answer this with the most specific response, but even I am not sure, all I’m sure of is that I like him a lot! My story is one of a guy who was seen and told to be nothing and little by little I try to make my mark.

A4A: Were you surprised when Dave asked you to be part of the Adam4Adam photoshoot and Pride festivities in Montreal? Why?

RW: Very much so, compared to the other folks involved I’m not as known or as amazing, mostly expressing myself on IG the way I see fit and to be seen was a real privilege.

A4A: We noticed on your social media that you are an artist and like to sing. How would you qualify your style of music and would you like to make it a career?

RW: I would say singer/songwriter and it would be one of my many dreams, but then it has to reach enough folks to give me that freedom and I feel like certain folks tend to overlook it because of a certain choice in my life I very much was, and am, in favor regarding my public image.

A4A: We were a bit surprised that you are someone very introverted on the photoshoot set and when we worked together during Pride Community Day and Parade. On your Instagram you reveal a lot more, why is that?

RW: I use that platform as an outlet to express all things that I wouldn’t normally in person. It allows me to be authentically me.

A4A: We received a lot of DMs about you on Instagram when we posted photos and stories of you. People like you a lot and find you very sexy. How do you react to people complimenting your appearance, your work, your music, and your photos?

RW: It’s always surprising for I am always overanalyzing and judging myself harshly so to see folks liking my stuff, I’m in awe. It brings an unneeded, but flattering validation.

A4A: During our photo shoot, you were very good and at ease, striking pose after pose, with a lot of confidence. Are we right to say that you love to do photoshoots? Why?

RW: Photoshoots are a great way to create a vision, discover what we can do or make, I love it!

A4A: How do you call yourself when someone asks, “What do you do in life?” Are you an artist? A model? A musician? A creator? All of the above?

RW: I primarily call myself an actor, but when I’m having in-depth conversations, I say artist with the many ways I express myself creatively.

A4A: What did you enjoy the most when you worked with A4A for Montreal Pride?

RW: The people did it for me, what a wonderful team of folks from David, Vincent, all the models, the photographer and the ones behind the scenes. Just amazing! 

A4A: What is your life motto?

RW: It’s not a very creative one, but life is too short.

A4A: What are the most important things you are looking for when you date a man? And are they the same as when you hookup?

RW: I tend to look for honesty and friendship though please keep in mind that I’ve never been in one. It is very different from a hookup as much as I love them I just want physical release, mutual and consensual fun something meaningful too, but in a different way.

You heard it right, guys. River is single! Come follow him on Instagram and don’t forget to drop by at @Adam4Adamofficial as well. You can also find River on our app in Montreal, so make sure to download.

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