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In today’s digital world, apps have become an integral part of everything we do, and that includes dating. Whether you’re looking to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, Adam4Adam is the best place to find them. After all, we have our fair share of success stories.

Of course, if you’re serious about making it happen, you need to have a profile that grabs attention. But how do you do that? Easy! Just check out our five tips on what to put in your dating app profile below!

1. Put a face pic in your profile

Yeah, abs are nice to look at, but if you’ve got row after row of them on your app, they all just start to blend into each other. Putting a face pic on your profile makes you stand out and lets people on the other end feel like they’re talking to an actual person. Don’t just use any face pic, though. Check out our tips for picking your profile pic!

2. Have more than one pic of yourself in your profile

Sure, your face pic is current and you look handsome in it, but that’s not going to be enough. In this age of catfishing, you need to have multiple photos to prove that you are who you say you are. But don’t just flood your profile with face pic upon face pic. Make sure to pick a variety of photos that paint a picture of who you are as a person. Are you athletic? Include a photo of you playing your favorite sport. If you happen to be shirtless in it, all the better.

3. All the parts of your profile should be filled out

Think of your profile as the icebreaker that starts the conversation. Having everything filled out makes it easier for guys to find something to talk to you about. When it comes to Adam4Adam, it also helps you be discovered by like-minded people thanks to the search/filters feature. For instance, users can search for you by sexual orientation or sexual position or age, and you miss a lot of dating and hookup opportunities when your profile is not 100% filled out as you won’t come out in the result or a search.

4. Be sure to have an actual icebreaker in your profile

The description in your profile is a great icebreaker, and it’s an even greater touch if you have an actual icebreaker included there. This is especially important if you’re on Adam4Adam looking for a long-term relationship. If your profile doesn’t have anything in it that other people can talk to you about, getting a conversation started is going to be difficult. It can be something as simple as “Ask me what my favorite movie is!” Don’t overthink it and you just mind more people willing to start a conversation with you.

5. Make sure everything in your profile is current

That starts with your profile picture. Don’t put up a picture of you from five years ago because that will just result in drama once a face-to-dace meet-up is arranged. The information on your profile should also be correct and current because lying is just setting yourself up for dating failure and you’d have no one to blame but yourself.

That’s just some of the tips we have so you can enjoy your experience on Adam4Adam. Adam4Adam blog readers, are there other things you think are essential when it comes to a dating app profile? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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