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Dating: Five Things You Need To Have In Your Dating App Profile

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In today’s digital world, apps have become an integral part of everything we do, and that includes dating. Whether you’re looking to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, Adam4Adam is the best place to find them. After all, we have our fair share of success stories.

Of course, if you’re serious about making it happen, you need to have a profile that grabs attention. But how do you do that? Easy! Just check out our five tips on what to put in your dating app profile below!

1. Put a face pic in your profile

Yeah, abs are nice to look at, but if you’ve got row after row of them on your app, they all just start to blend into each other. Putting a face pic on your profile makes you stand out and lets people on the other end feel like they’re talking to an actual person. Don’t just use any face pic, though. Check out our tips for picking your profile pic!

2. Have more than one pic of yourself in your profile

Sure, your face pic is current and you look handsome in it, but that’s not going to be enough. In this age of catfishing, you need to have multiple photos to prove that you are who you say you are. But don’t just flood your profile with face pic upon face pic. Make sure to pick a variety of photos that paint a picture of who you are as a person. Are you athletic? Include a photo of you playing your favorite sport. If you happen to be shirtless in it, all the better.

3. All the parts of your profile should be filled out

Think of your profile as the icebreaker that starts the conversation. Having everything filled out makes it easier for guys to find something to talk to you about. When it comes to Adam4Adam, it also helps you be discovered by like-minded people thanks to the search/filters feature. For instance, users can search for you by sexual orientation or sexual position or age, and you miss a lot of dating and hookup opportunities when your profile is not 100% filled out as you won’t come out in the result or a search.

4. Be sure to have an actual icebreaker in your profile

The description in your profile is a great icebreaker, and it’s an even greater touch if you have an actual icebreaker included there. This is especially important if you’re on Adam4Adam looking for a long-term relationship. If your profile doesn’t have anything in it that other people can talk to you about, getting a conversation started is going to be difficult. It can be something as simple as “Ask me what my favorite movie is!” Don’t overthink it and you just mind more people willing to start a conversation with you.

5. Make sure everything in your profile is current

That starts with your profile picture. Don’t put up a picture of you from five years ago because that will just result in drama once a face-to-dace meet-up is arranged. The information on your profile should also be correct and current because lying is just setting yourself up for dating failure and you’d have no one to blame but yourself.

That’s just some of the tips we have so you can enjoy your experience on Adam4Adam. Adam4Adam blog readers, are there other things you think are essential when it comes to a dating app profile? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Matt

    Then if you’re “on” be ON and if you are not present LOG OFF.

    Respond to people even if it is to say “I’m not interested.”

    • Hunter0500

      When I contact a guy and there’s no response, it’s “no harm. No foul.” On a dating site, no one is entitled to a response from every guy they hit up. I’ll respond to guys who seem to be a good fit, but not to those with no/little details in the profiles or who are not close to a match … both all too too frequent. It’s a simple clean message that no one needs to get their undies in a bundle over.

      • Matt

        Perhaps YOU have no manners, but not to respond is to be a passive-aggressive dickhead. You obviously think you’re “better than”.

        • Hunter0500

          Guys don’t respond to me now and then. Why should they have to? Simply, it’s a dating site and they weren’t interested. There’s no passive aggression involved. No butt hurt. No undies in a bundle …
          for us at least. No manner issues. If you chose to be offended, of course that’s your choice.

          And speaking of manners, you should check the tone of your response. Pot calling the kettle black much?

  2. Hunter0500

    “Put a face pic in your profile” Only about one third of guys on A4A have a visible face picture in their profile. Showing a face picture is a matter of personal choice.

    Some guys prefer to see face pictures quickly so they can make a shallow, superficial decision about about their next hookup, their next piece of meat. They’ll only chose men as sexual partners if those men are model, Adonis hot. Or if those men meet their requirements for “pretty.”

    Some men display their face as a matter of choice, as is their right. Their sexuality is at the forefront of their being. It is public.

    Some men hold their face as private, as is their choice. They believe their sexually is a lesser factor of who they are. It is held on a “need to know” basis. They could also be concerned about identity theft; profile pictures are often pirated and used in fake profiles.

    No one has the right to pressure others about a face picture. No one should be goaded into including one.

    • Dave

      Hunter, we know you don’t wanna show your face but many other people want to see face. I dont fuck with guys if I dont like their face. Even if they have the most gorgeous cock. I dont care.

      • Hunter0500

        Covered that “Some guys prefer to see face pictures quickly so they can make a shallow, superficial decision about about their next hookup, their next piece of meat. They’ll only chose men as sexual partners if those men are model, Adonis hot. Or if those men meet their requirements for ‘pretty’.” As is their choice, of course.

        • Dave

          even for a boyfriend Hunter0500, I need to be attracted. It’s nothing shallow. It’s life. Attraction is what brings people together most of the time. If you just need a dick then fine, but I need a face that I want to kiss.

  3. Jer

    I like how this blog tells you how and what you you should post in your profile to possibly if ever meet that Prince Charming night in shining armor if he even crosses your path from the other side of river edge surrounding Douchville Yep you’re talking about dealing with probably almost 95% of arrogant yet shallow and my favorite -the Rude Endiess List you won’t meet ,Insecure Gay ‍♂️
    your trip with start as you’re be going to be walking into this huge shit show of deplorables online who most likely in that first chat Maybe leading -Just Maybe meeting if you can stomach a chat for the first bit ….but
    If you can make it past round one of the gay men’s fruit flys attention span —you might be able to keep ( BIG MIGHT THOUGH -so maybe cross your fingers and rub a lamp ) and it’s basically entering the land of narcissism , yet self hate insecure bunch of selfie queens that are only after the next best thing or your possible other choices from the sum of other shallow Uber masculine toxic types who after some pictures because I guess that’s entertainment for them or the others who are going to bait you somehow with their “charm” but it’ll be the next best thing attitude on whether you are F***able in there eyes oh good such choices to choose from (so wish up upon that star and contact your local fairy godmother as well ….that might help)
    Then the more than half of those you’ll never meet
    the other portion You might could possibly meet but then it Won’t work because they’ll be on their phone the entire time cuz you didn’t meet their criteria … but if you do talk with the barista or server .. cuz that’s the conversation you’ll get
    Cuz those Won’t carry a conversation and most will have already made their mind YOURE not going anywhere after you bought THAT OVERPRICED PRETENTIOUS COFFEE OR OTHER DRINK YOU BOUGHT
    To try TO MEET UP IF YOU DID/DO because you won’t be the Adonis , otter, bear , twink , big thick gorilla type like Jwoww from Jersey Shore can land or … or all the the mindless shallow other preconceived list that you didn’t meet in that boys list of prerequisites for what your look and other things he’ll require you be -to him … plus …remember it was always about him
    Then if it even did lead to a meeting
    you’ll have this back-and-forth nonsense of who you are what your about vice versus .. then where they’ll want that dick pics other body part pictures b4 and and more
    So after to prove your such a stud
    they’ll consider you maybe or the mindless other chatter that has nothing to do with when meeting somebody -usually beyond just a hook up
    ……if they do that and then will fraction out those that talk about hooks ups but don’t even do that so the reason why nobody ever means nobody ever lasts because of all this disgusting deplorable behavior welcome to the land of Gay self hating “selfie“ bitches that so many are
    If you can make it past round one of the game in fruit fly whose attention span you might be able to keep a date
    But do remember getting past that first date and your meeting was a try out . there may not be a future beyond that if you didn’t test drive well .. or if you’re in the land of the “open relationship claim “committed” or married but yfuck around with other people types
    yeah you’re not gonna have much of a chance if you don’t play that and yes why wouldnt you so want to share someone else with another . Claps . Oh goodie .. NOT!!
    So all that nonsense aside my advice not this blogger … is to
    -post the type of profile you want
    -post the type of qualities and interest in others that you really seeking a person
    even if it is amongst these different lands of these disgusting deplorable people that want To deceive , didn’t accept you the moment you walked thru the door or
    Or from those whose acceptance by society wasn’t met yet they can’t do it even amongst their own
    maybe in that huge rock pile of crap you might dig thru . You might find that one shining gem of a guy

    And yes to those that you think I am outrageous or have such an attitude or would look down upon me for making any of this comment yes this comes from personal experience but also because of what I’ve seen watched happened to & with other people
    I’m calling y’all out and y’all know who you are -which is most of you

  4. Vinnie

    When searching, we just skip over people without an open primary picture. Do you guys really think we are going to start a conversation with someone that has NO open pictures. You must have something to hide, or you are ugly as sin, and not worth the keystrokes. If you need to be discreet, at least have a face picture in your locked pix. Ditto for profiles that just say “Man, 45”. You are just a long line of 45 year old men….. just going to move on. The article’s note to complete as much as you can in your profile is so true. We refuse to play 1000 questions. If you are here for a conversation, go to There are too many crazies out there, not having pictures or complete profile raises the odds that you are one of the crazies to avoid.

  5. Hunter0500

    There are an almost infinite number of fabulous long-term life partners and awesome friends who just don’t happen to have a “pretty” face. Thanks for leaving them to other great men who also don’t stop at that primary requirement … and who just may or may not be “pretty” either. Several members have posted here that they sought “pretty” earlier in life and now find themselves older and alone…some butter.

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