When people mention dating apps, it is usually in the context of using it for a hook up. But what we’ve learned here on Adam4Adam is that love can definitely be found here — and we’ve got amazing success stories to prove it.

The most recent one to reach out to us is United States Army Sergeant Jose Angel Corchado Chavez, who was serving in the Army while Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was still in effect. While he acknowledges that gay bars were available for cruising, having only weekends to spend there made it difficult to build chemistry with anyone. That changed when he found out about Adam4Adam.

“Safe spaces to meet men were scarce until I became aware of Adam4Adam. That’s where I met Arthur, my husband,” he recalls. “He messaged me on August 2011 while we were both stationed in Fort Lewis, WA, and we immediately liked each other.”

From there the two of them dated in secret, hiding in the barracks and sneaking around in uniform. During the weekends, they would go to the city so that none of their peers would find out they were together.

After dating and living together for three years, the two of them finally took the next step and tied the knot.

“We got married in the same military base in which we once had to hide our love,” he says. “We have now been together for 8 years, proving that dating apps and/or websites can go beyond the causal hookup. Thanks A4A.”

Jose’s story joins the likes of Adam and Jeremy and Kurt Wirth and his partner, couple who have also found love on Adam4Adam.

So what does one need to do to get the same happy ending as José and Arthur? Here are a three A4A tips:

1. Fill out every part of your profile and be explicit that a relationship is what you’re looking for. This way you get people looking for the same thing noticing you.

2. Be honest in your profile so that the eventual face-to-face meeting isn’t awkward.

3. Pick a photo that shows more than just your dick and ass. It’s hard to convince someone you’re looking for a relationship when your profile looks like you’re searching for anything but a relationship.

Do you and your partner have success stories as the result of a date you got on Adam4Adam? We’d love to hear about them! Send your stories here: [email protected]. We’ll feature it on the blog and on our Instagram!

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