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Watch This: Lady Gaga Surprises a Superfan with a Makeup Tutorial

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Allure’s YouTube Account)

Lady Gaga surprised one of her fans named Brandon Galaz by showing up during the latter’s makeup tutorial with Allure, a beauty magazine. 

Galaz, a 19-year-old cosmetology student, was invited by Allure for a makeup tutorial with Lady Gaga’s makeup artist—Sarah Tanno—and at the same time, to give him a sneak peak of Haus Laboratories. Haus Laboratories is Lady Gaga’s new beauty brand.

In the video, Galaz can be seen telling Tanno during their tutorial session that he feels stronger and very empowered whenever he has a full makeup on. Tanno responded by saying how she had heard that Galaz has been a big fan of Lady Gaga “for like forever,” she then encourages him to read the letter he prepared for the singer. He starts to read it but little did Galaz know that Lady Gaga was already behind him, listening. The Paparazzi singer then appears, making her presence known to Galaz.

After a tearful hug, Galaz reads his letter out loud to Lady Gaga herself and tells her how her song Born This Way had helped him realize that he has to be himself so he came out to his family. He related how his mother and sister immediately accepted him. However, his coming out had drove a wedge between him and his father. He also tells Lady Gaga how he’s unsure if he would’ve had the courage to accept who he is and be where he is today without the acceptance and peace that he found in her music and life story. 

For her part, Lady Gaga thanked Galaz for his beautiful note. She told him that he is gorgeous and reminded him, It’s not how we look that makes us beautiful, right? It’s what we’ve been through and how we survive.” Further, she said, “Coming out to your family…not everybody can do that. Way to go.”

Tanno then continued her makeup lessons with Galaz but Lady Gaga came back to say, “That letter that you wrote, this is why I do what I do.” She thanked him again for sharing his story, adding, “Thank you for sharing that, that’s so vulnerable and so honest and so real. That’s not easy what you did…you just changed a lot of people’s lives, and when they see this, they’ll be less afraid.” 

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below. 

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  1. Steven Kerry

    It’s really great that “Born This Way” has helped give so many young people the courage to come out. It’s a great record, and I know some people criticize it as a Madonna rip-off. This is really old news by now of course, but what many don’t seem to know is that there actually was a dance record in the ’70s called “I Was Born This Way”, and yes, it was a pro-gay celebratory anthem. It was originally released on a little known label by an artist named Valentino, but was later recorded on Motown Records by Carl Bean who later became a minister and opened the first AIDS hospice for black men. Lady Gaga is indeed a trail-blazer, but the trail itself was forged by others whose efforts should not be forgotten.

      • Hunter0500

        It has been my experience over the years that only a minority of gay men fit the stereotype that’s promoted here and in the media. It’s almost like there’s a desperation to keep that image alive. Nothing wrong with guys who fit that mold, of course. But militant gays are eager to prescribe a standard that fits it when it comes to music, clothing, politics, entertainment, behavior, etc. Often they’re hateful of gays who are “main Street”, guys that you most likely wouldn’t know are gay at first glance. There’s a disconnect, of course; they’re the first to fight for and demand acceptance of who they are, but the last to give it to gays packaged differently than they are.

        • Dave

          lol, nobody forced you to be a Gaga fan, not to wear makeup, nor to read adam4adam blog. Yet you keep on reading and commenting on every single post. You must like it, you have over 1000 comments on here…And if you don’t like the subjects that I write about, there’s only one thing you can do, stop reading them..

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