Health: Study Conducted on PrEP Use Among Trans Men

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Several studies have been made on HIV, PrEP, and the cisgender gay male community. But when it comes to trans men who have sex with men, there have literally been no studies done.

That changes with a study published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society. Titled “High risk and low uptake of pre‐exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV acquisition in a national online sample of transgender men who have sex with men in the United States,” the study examined the risk factors faced by trans men who have sex with men, as well as their PrEP use. The study involved 857 trans men and was conducted online from November 2017 to December 2017.

The study participants can be divided into three groups: 71.6 percent who identified as a transgender male, 28.4 percent who identified as nonbinary, and 32.6 percent who identified as gay. All of them had either vaginal or anal sex within the past six months with a cisgender male.

The study, unfortunately, did not paint a reassuring picture when it came to trans men and PrEP use. Only a third of the study participants have ever taken PrEP, despite 84 percent of them knowing about PrEP as a way to prevent the spread of HIV. More than half of the study participants also revealed engaging in behavior that put them in high risk of being infected with HIV, which makes it even more important for them to take PrEP.

There are several reasons why researchers think PrEP use is low among trans men, with one of them being the stigma they face that often leads to substance abuse and mental health issues. Other compounding factors include a lack of adherence to the treatment, HIV testing centers being inaccessible  to trans men, and a lack of health insurance.

With this study, the hope is that more are done that include transgender men so that appropriate interventions can be made to keep them healthy and safe.

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  1. Hunter0500

    “Only a third of the study participants have ever taken PrEP…” Maybe due to cost? Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, even if medications are “covered”, they can come with costly deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. There are also the cited potential side effects. PrEP is acclaimed as a wonder by Pharma and AIDS activists, but it’s not all butterflies and unicorns.

  2. NoMoFoMe

    PReP is a sold gold fraud, perpetrated by morally bankrupt Big Pharma profit juggernaut Gilead Life Sciences. Why? Stats. Per their OWN FDA Phase III trial data, Truvada PReP only gives 51% better protection against being infected by the HIV-1 virus than…bareback. Yes, that figure is accurate. Now…per W.H.O. figures compiled since before the dawn of ARV use in 2003, we know that an anal bottom using nothing for protection taking a poz top bareback has a 1 in 64 chance of pozzing up. Take two loads, now you’re at 1 in 32, and so on. However, an unprotected bottom taking a poz top who has a rubber on…now his chances go to 1 in 1300 of pozzing up…rubbers DO break. OK…so Truvada PReP alone gives you 1 to 126 chance if pozzing up and costs (usually the taxpayers) $1300 A MONTH. Rubbers give TEN TIMES BETTER protection, and are usually FREE. Now let’s look at mortality….rubbers are benign. Truvada causes kidney calcification, liver damage, and other side effects…JUST LIKE ALL OF THE ARVs. The average lifespan of an HIV+ patient who goes on ARVs upon seroconversion aged 13-45 is 23.5 years, and goes down dramatically by age 55. Thus, some kid who pozzes up at 16 is more likely than not to never see his 45th birthday. The same kid who makes his tops wrap it up would have to get fucked 650 times to reach even odds…which probably would never happen. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE? THE GAY COMMUNITY IS BRING PLAYED BY A BUNCH OF WALL ST. PROFITEERS AND THEIR ENABLERS, like LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, APLA, and many others.

    • Sigmund

      Unprotected sex is always the elephant in the room. We’ve known about transmission methods and rates since the 80s, and indeed anyone that didn’t want syph or the clap used rubbers before then. Agree the the Pharm companies are making a killing (literally), and the death rates even with treatments are atrocious, but the number of youngsters preferring raw sex is symptomatic of slow suicide. Obviously the big players are pushing people to have unprotected sex, the main issue to me is just plotting the scope of their actions. If I were an abnormal psych person I’d conclude the the media, advertising and educational institutions are conspiring to produce a populations subset that is deranged to the point of self-destruction. For profit, true, but with significant social and spillover costs to all. And yes, using a freaking rubber would solve most everything medically. Funny how our social media influencers don’t seem to push that issue?

      • Lamar

        I’m honestly wondering, if there isn’t some sort of concerted effort, designed to reduce the human populous, because of what’s coming in the obviously near future as far as climate change.

        The impending shortages of clean drinking water and food; lightening/reducing the load. What happened quite often during the transport of African slaves, not enough provisions; they dumped some of the slaves over-board to preserve their own lives.

        Welcome to the “New World Order,” it’s here pretty much fully operational, perfect example of “chess, not checkers.”

        Then, there’s those whom are absolutely programmed, seemingly, as you said, for self destruction. I think you’re going to have consider thinking as an “abnormal psyche person” keeping that in the rear of your mind anyway, seemingly sci-fiction is becoming reality, right before our very eyes.

        Obama, was the one bringing the phrase, “Jedi-mind tricks” only the weak-minded. I don’t mind being, abnormal, considering what the normal has allowed; a reduction
        in their ability to think critically, in these most increasingly critical times, thanks.

        I mean, these people are ‘blindly’ sacrificing themselves…, for those whom have too much money/power already! That, is what’s abnormal.

    • Lamar

      Not to mention, the fact that it is a man made disease in the first place. Conspiracy? More than likely, cause its too much like a kind of holocaust ’cause your sexing each other to death; albeit a very gradual-slow one fraught with miserable side effects.

      A kind of chattel slavery, really, cause the “pharms” and investors are getting more and more wealthy as the infected, are nothing more than bodies less than human. I love the hell out of the human race, period, but some are only physically human-more like nazis of sorts; sickly clever and efficient; capitalism=power at any cost and lives.

      Hey, you know what’s also sick, is that just now, my spelling-corrector automatically capitalizes nazis, I corrected it-refusing to, lmao. Ah-ha, just as I thought-spelling out the other
      -n-word applied to African Americans… no such corrections, now, why would that be, hmmmm?

      Anyway, I love the hell out of my country, however, there’s some really wicked shit going on here,
      seemingly just too fantastic to believe, that way too many cannot even conceive of, “viral-warfare.” Wouldn’t be the first time in history it’s been employed, its just that this time and place, people are becoming massively wealthy off of the death.

  3. Ru

    PrEP is free for those with Medicaid, which is a plus. But the side effects are brutal and proper medication sequence requires a serious regimen, which limits effectiveness for certain lifestyles. The fact that the transgender community is that with the consistently highest HIV rates would seem to indicate that there are counter-intuitive factors involved. Psychological factors are obviously understated in the article; no doubt additional controls are necessary for a successful program implementation at any rate.

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