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Watch This: Shirtless Male Baristas Will Serve You Coffee in Seattle

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from @dreamboyzespresso’s Instagram Account)

Where are you from, guys, and do you love coffee? If so, how do you take it? Do you prefer it black; maybe you drink your coffee with sugar, or with cream or milk?

But we digress; the reason why we are talking about all things coffee is because a new coffee shop opened in Seattle recently where hot, shirtless male baristas serve customers their coffee. The coffee shop is called Dreamboyz Espresso and their slogan is “Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee.” 

Naturally, they are the talk of the town. Non-coffee lovers are suddenly professing to be big coffee drinkers and can they please order an extra cream to go with that abs, please? Take a look at what the Twitterverse is saying below:

Anyway, did you know that the type of coffee you drink reveals a lot about your personality? 

Black coffee drinkers, according to a study, are quiet and moody; they are also straightforward, simple, and patient albeit “set in their ways and resistant to making changes.” The latte kind of guy or those who love milk on their coffee on the other hand, are someone who “likes to please people” and are “likely to go out of their way to help others.” For those who prefer drinking instant coffee, research showed that they are “the most laid-back people;” they are also poor planners, and they love to procrastinate. The study further revealed that espresso drinkers are the type who knows what they want, they take on leadership, and are hardworking but moody. 

So, which one are you? If you didn’t find the kind of coffee you love above, you may read the study in full here and here.

Happy viewing!

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  1. N.Z.H.

    A “Gay Take” on The Playboy Bunny.

    I went to The Playboy Club, in Manhattan, while a cadet. It was 1964 and it was a thrill to be invited by Hugh Hefner.

    I was my first year as a cadet. I accompanied older cadets and some officers. It was a grand time to be a part-of-it. I wore a formal, after 6 attire as I was/am 6′ 3″.

    It was pure class and manners. Some of the older gentlemen were sophisticated and somewhat receptive to this cadet.

    Hefner was a gentlemen in contrast to his perceived persona. He was German as I am German – Dutch.

    I was honored.

    • N.Z.H.


      Always remember: It isn’t the beauty; It’s the booty!

      You can put a bag over their faces;
      Have them turned in the opposite direction;
      Change the light bulbs;
      Lower the shades
      Turn off the lights
      Remember that Halloween is just right-around-the-corner!

    • N.Z.H.


      A profundity!

      The article does not mention the “quality” of the cream?

      Cream puts the “head” upon the coffee.

      The better the cream; the better the head!

  2. Jim

    Part of me thinks good for you guys. If women can use their sexuality to their advantage, why can’t men do it too? I realize this is not for everyone but if these guys can make an honest living while giving their customers something nice to look at why not? It’s just cute young guys in skimmpy shorts making coffee. Nice way to say good morning!

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