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Yesterday’s wounds become tomorrow’s weapons. Learn, for the hunt continues.

League of Legends gaymers and fans, you’ll be pleased to know that the League has a new champion, K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah. Moreover, Riot Games revealed that their latest champion is the franchise’s first queer black warrior.

K’Sante debuted in a new teaser trailer titled “The Hunter’s Pride.” You can watch the character reveal yourself below:

Voice actor DeObia Oparei revealed that K’Sante is the first black LGBTQ champion to join Summoner’s Rift. He tweeted, “I’m excited to give life and voice to K’Sante and make history portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior.” 

A second animated trailer “Defeat Your Monster” tells viewers a bit more about K’Sante.  The video shows him fighting a monster, alone at first, and then with someone else named the Archer who, apparently, is his former lover. A voice-over can be heard narrating:

This is the tale of a Young Hunter… and his greatest battle. Together, the Hunter and his love, the Archer, defended their homes from the monsters that threatened it. With his ntofos in hand, and his love by his side, the Hunter felt invincible. But there were times – many times… when the Archer urged the Hunter to temper his skill with strategy.

Unfortunately, the Young Hunter couldn’t see that there is no monster greater than pride. And so, the Archer moved on to other adventures, but he left behind one final gift. The Hunter could finally see his monster: Arrogance. The Archer… had been right.

His pride had torn them apart, but they finished the hunt together. And that is how the Young Hunter defeated his greatest monster.

According to Polygon, it is not known when K’Sante “might be released onto live servers, but it seems safe to assume he’s at least a couple of weeks away, based on Riot’s usual schedule.”

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